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For (un)appreciated homeschool teachers everywhere!

Welcome to Homeschool Freedom Fridays!


In honor of Homeschool Teacher Appreciation week, today I’m sharing a tip that will bless and benefit both those who are feeling appreciated, and those who may not be…



Homeschool Freedom Friday takeaways…

Don’t relegate showing appreciation to once a year!

Q. Are you feeling unappreciated these days?

A. If so, find someone to whom you can express your appreciation, and you’ll be surprised at how that will come back to bless your own heart!

Even though I said it backwards in the video…the principle of sowing and reaping DOES work!

Here are some other resources to help bring back a song to your heart and a spring to your step 🙂

How to Be the Perfect Mother

Hearing God – Lessons from the Tub

Be encouraged with this Playlist!

More encouraging songs…

Rest and Refreshment for Homeschool Moms

Do You Need a “Mommy Anger” Re-do?

It’s All About You!


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