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Ultimate Child Photography

(Note: With family vacation season coming up, and to introduce our latest collection of goodies from the folks at the “Ultimate Bundle”, we’re starting a “themed” week around photography.  I am SO excited – and I’m not even a photographer!!!!

That is precisely why: I LOVE capturing those moments with my kiddos and other family members on those increasingly rare occasions that we can be together.  And blurry pictures, cut-off body parts (on the photo, of course) or even worse, totally missed moments, make me sad 🙁  So it’s my hope that we can all learn a bit this week about taking better pictures and keeping those warm-and-often-interesting family memories alive for a long time to come!)

(Note: This post contains Affiliate links, which means we make a few cents on any purchase you make, to keep this blog rollin’, at no extra cost to you! Thank you in advance.)

Photography can be so rewarding, especially when the shoot is challenging. Lights, angles, and composition all go into a great photo, but throw a kid into the mix and things suddenly get a bit more challenging. While trying to get the perfect picture, you also have to battle a little one who wants to do their own thing. You probably know this from your own experience! But it IS possible to get your kiddo’s ultimate-cuteness at your next photo shoot!

6 Tips for Getting Great Child Photos

My three-year-old niece was in need of some pictures for a birthday party invitation. Like any toddler, she was quite a handful to photograph.

When we wanted her to sit, she wanted to stand. When we wanted her to look at us, she found a tree far more interesting. Saying “K-Bug! Look here! We’ll give you a treat after” was to no avail.

However, I found the key!  Actually, there’s more than one of them…

And what I learned throughout the process I’m now sharing with you today 🙂

1. Find out what makes them laugh. Whether it be making a funny noise, acting hurt, falling, whatever! The laughing pictures are always perfection. Who doesn’t like a smiling baby’s face?

2. Get the candid shots. Yeah, posing works for some children, but a lot of them just want to have fun! Plus, their attention spans generally aren’t as long as ours!!

3. Have some cute props on hand wherever you go! Colored chairs, blankets, stuffed animals, and even lights make a great picture with kids. How cute are those shots in the grass with a quilt? Or even those of a baby laying on that soft pillow? Everything and anything works! Be creative.

Capturing great child photos using props

4. Let the child think the pose is their idea. My family and I all wanted my niece to do a cute little pose by a tree. She wasn’t up for it. Then we said okay! Do what you want by that tree! She did exactly what we said, but in the cutest way. We then reassured her of her choice and said “Oh! K… That is great. You’re so smart!!!!” She loved it and hammed it up even more.

Capturing great child photos

5. Let them see you do it first! Sometimes getting in front of the camera and posing makes them want to be like you! They will follow in your footsteps and be much more cooperative because they feel like they are a grown up!

And, most importantly of all…

6. Let the pictures reflect their personality. You don’t want super stiff photos of a loud and energetic child! Plus, I really doubt a kid that loves to run and play will be up for a very still posing picture.

Capturing great photos that reflect childs personality


It bears repeating and it’s important to remember…

The photos should reflect their personality!

If you make them feel comfortable and keep their attention on the shoot, you’ll get some great photos out of it!

Facing your own photo challenges ?  Trista will be glad to help!  Drop her a line via email or leave a comment below so the answer will help someone else, too!

Happy “shooting”!

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