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Spring Cleaning

When you hear the words “Spring Cleaning” what comes to mind? For me, I think about coming home from school only to discover my mother had pulled everything out of mine and my sister’s closet and piled it all on our bed with the instructions, “Girls, put all of this up.” I think my sister has carried a little bit of bitterness into her adulthood over this one simple time in life. HA! I honestly don’t ever remember this being a horrible thing. Perhaps that is a great indicator that even at a very early age I was wired for organizing.Spring Cleaning - Original photo by AKARAKINGDOMS courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

What is Spring Cleaning?

Spring is the season of new beginnings, a time to start over. Cleaning is a time to get rid of the clutter so you can live a more productive life and enjoy the things in life you were meant to enjoy.

We all have different ideas about spring cleaning and although yours may not mean pulling everything out of closets, it should mean something other than routine cleaning.

I believe there should be a law that requires us to put everything we own out on our front lawn every five years just so we can see what we have accumulated. I think we would all be shocked at the “stuff” that creeps into our homes.

Spring cleaning should be a deeper cleaning and should involve the word “purge.” It is getting rid of the things in our house that we no longer want, need or are going to ever use. These unwanted items are taking up good space, sometimes causing us to not have room for the things we do use.

The goal is to declutter your life by getting rid of the unwanted stuff.


1. If you are planning on doing a DEEP spring cleaning be aware that this may not be something you can complete in one day.

2. Set some realistic goals as to what you want to accomplish and in what time frame.

3. Have a plan in mind as to what you are going to do with the unwanted things in your house. Then carry out the plan and take the stuff away.

4. Purge through closets, cabinets, garages, etc. Take one room or one area at a time. Don’t be guilty of zigzag cleaning where you spin your wheels.

5. Remember that getting organized in one room can create a mess in another room. Stay focused on one room at a time.

6. Throw away electronics that are broken and software that you no longer use or that doesn’t work. Get rid of clothes that are out of date or outgrown.

The goal is to declutter your life by getting rid of the unwanted stuff.

People are more apt to have yard sales in the spring so have your own yard sale or give the items to someone who is having one. There are always opportunities to get rid of your stuff and make a difference in the life of someone else.

Original photo by AKARAKINGDOMS courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Kim Pittman

Kim Pittman

Kim has successfully helped create time and space for hundreds of people in Southwest Georgia. In 2005 she started Organize 4U with a vision to help individuals live clutter-free and productive lives. She organizes areas in the home, including pantries, attics, storage buildings and garages. Kim also custom designs and installs closet systems that enhance storage capacity. Her expertise also includes office space and systems. For organizational tips, find her on Facebook at Organize 4U. And you’ll find lots of great organizational info, including before and after shots, on her website Organize4U.org.
Kim Pittman

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