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lightbulbAh, Mondays!  Dontcha just love’em?  Ok, ok, I can hear the resounding “NO!” from y’all, but please hear me out.

Monday.  The beginning…  A whole brand new week before you…  A fresh, clean slate…  5 days of possibility stretching out, just waiting…  Now, doesn’t that make it sound (at least a little) better?!

And there is nothing more conducive to creative thinking for me than that Monday morning shower.  I mean, brilliant thoughts and cool ideas and blog-post topics and article titles and solutions-to-nagging-problems and additions to my always-growing to-do list fly through my brain as fast and hard as that lovely hot water rains down from the sprinkler-head.

On Monday morning. Before my coffee.  So you know where THEY all end up, right?  Yup, down the drain…along with the soap and shampoo and dirty water.  Oh, poo 🙁

But no more! 🙂

A while ago my daughter introduced me to the concept of (what I call) shower paper.  Ok, so when I looked for it on Amazon, I discovered it really DOES have a name – Aqua Notes.  And I LOVE them!!  FINALLY, a way to remember those thoughts before they get wiped away from my mind as I wipe away the remainder of my shower…  (They have become a regular on my “what I want for Mother’s Day and my birthday” list.)

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, may I suggest you give ’em a try?  On this cute little widget below I’ve added some of the other tools I’m using these days to try to stay organized and on track.  With all that’s on my plate, that’s not always easy to do.

I’ll bet you’re the same way!  How do you do it?

Monday, Monday…bring it ON!


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Pat is a Yankee city-girl who has been adopted by the sleepy, sunny south. Married for 30 years and the mother of 5, she woke up one day recently to discover she reached the stage of life where she is the “older woman” described in Titus 2:3-5. A coffee lover, the purchase of a coffee shop a few years ago was her personal foray into the small, family-owned business arena.Today, PatAndCandy.com is her outlet for packaging up and sharing the nuggets of wisdom God and life experiences have taught her.
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