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Running for (my) Life

This is an “invitational post”!  Let me explain…

Last month I told you about my word of the year, which is Foundations.  Using that word to both filter and focus my year has led me to realize I have too-long-neglected the very foundation of my physical existence: my body!  So while curating our calendar a few weeks ago I entered information about the upcoming Legacy Run for Life, a fundraiser for the Alpha Crises Pregnancy Center in Albany, GA.  Our family did the “Walk/Run” part of it on their initial foray, and, it appears, it’s time to do it again.

Image courtesy of SherwoodBaptist.netThis year, however, I’m personally hoping to ramp it up!  Sure, I could do the walk/run.  I did it before (mostly walk, of course!), but how challenging would THAT be? So I got the absolutely crazy idea to get us (ok, me!) in shape and do the (drumroll, please!) 5K!

Now, anyone who knows me even slightly knows I am not a runner…let alone running (I mean, RUNNING?!?) 5K, which is a bit over 3 miles.  Ludicrous…

But, I might add, it’s a way to motivate me to get my “foundation” in shape ~ and all for a good cause!

So, here’ the invitation: would you like to join me?

Candy found a great site that describes a program to get ya’ ready to rock n’ roll.  It’s appropriately (for me, at least) named:  Couch to 5K, and me and the kiddos have been working it for the last week.  While it may be a bit too soon to tell if we’re ready…at least my head’s in the right place (does that count?!)…  You can register online, and get more info at that same link…

Mark your calendar for March 22, 2014; if you follow our own (Mom’s Morning Coffee) calendar, all the info is on there already, too.

And, on a very personal and vulnerable note, I promise to post pictures while we’re there. (But if you join us, I won’t post yours if you don’t want me to!!)

Where else can you get such a deal?  See you at Legacy Park!

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Pat is a Yankee city-girl who has been adopted by the sleepy, sunny south. Married for 30 years and the mother of 5, she woke up one day recently to discover she reached the stage of life where she is the “older woman” described in Titus 2:3-5. A coffee lover, the purchase of a coffee shop a few years ago was her personal foray into the small, family-owned business arena.Today, PatAndCandy.com is her outlet for packaging up and sharing the nuggets of wisdom God and life experiences have taught her.
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3 Responses to Running for (my) Life

  1. Jean January 17, 2014 at 8:21 am #

    My husband has just started walk/running and asked him if he wanted to participate in the Legacy Run. It’s a great run for run/walkers.

    • Pat January 17, 2014 at 11:26 am #

      Are you going to try it, Jean? It IS a great run for walkers…that’s the only way I would ever THINK about doing it when we started 😉

      And, just keepin’ it real hear, I know that “push comes to shove”, I may finish it walking! But at LEAST I’m gonna give it my best shot…

      Hope to see you there 🙂

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