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Pray for Hannah Cate

This post is kinda personal.hannah cate graphic with mmc 2

Many years ago I met a really neat woman.  She was a fellow homeschooler with a large, fun family.  We weren’t particularly close, but I always enjoyed spending time with her.  She was and is one of those people that you always walk away from with a smile on your face.  Well, anyway, “life” happened and we sorta lost touch.  Her husband and mine became acquainted through business somehow, and her name came up again.  A while later, I became friends with someone else who knew her, and we were able to once again catch up.

And all this time her child was in and out of a battle with cancer.

Hannah Cate is the sweetest angel-of-a-girl!  At the tender age of 10,  this is her 2nd go-round with that dreaded disease.  Her mom keeps us up with her journey via a journal on CaringBridge.  As rough-and-tumble as that journey has been, it’s also been filled with amazing people loving on them, miraculous examples of God’s provision, and tender stories of mercy and grace.  She has also, no doubt, brought Jesus to many (and vice versa) as she honestly and openly lives out her faith and struggles in front of so many others…

This may be somewhat presumptuous of me, but may I ask a personal favor?  Please pray for Hannah Cate.  And whether or not you’re a praying person, would you consider supporting them by buying a rubber wrist band (“Hope for Hannah Cate”) or buying a sign that says “Pray for Hannah Cate”?  Here is the info on getting them:

1) For bracelets send money to Hannah Cate’s Love Fund 5003 Van Cise Lane Albany, Ga 31721. Tell them how many and the return address to mail them too. Please include $3.00 for shipping.

100_23922) If you live local to Albany, GA, please consider a yard sign (left).  You can pick them up at WellSpring Fellowship on Westgate Drive.  I think they run $20 each…and it’s for a great cause!  If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.


Thank you, thank you, thank you…for praying for Hannah Cate !





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