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40 years. Between the two of us, have a combined total of 40 years of homeschooling experience! And parenting for longer than that

Isn’t that crazy?

Between us we have taught and graduated 4 children, who are either in or already finished college. One is in law enforcement, 2 own photography businesses and 1 a videography business. 1 is married and 2 are about to be; 3 are in high school and 2 are in middle school. Yup, if you think of parenting (and homeschooling)…we’ve pretty much “been there, done that”!

What you’ll find on these pages is the accumulated experiences of years of parenting

The Teen Years Can Should Be A Wonderful Season

Parenting them shouldn’t be a drag…

We focus on the tweens and beyond. In our experience, we find that while there’s lots of tips and help for parenting younger kids, it appears that once puberty is on the horizon…that’s when most parents start scramblin’ for advice 😉


So if you’re new to the site and looking for some parenting nuggets, let me point you to some great content:

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After all, we’re here to help each other…

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We'd love to come beside you as a parent and homeschooler!  Let our years of experience help you be the best parent and home educator you can be - there IS joy in the journey, and we're here to help you find it 🙂

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