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Parenting Parallels to God’s Love

We’re giddy with joy. Our first grandchild, Samuel Cole Griffith, was born in October 2014. It goes without saying our Christmas was extra special this year.

I watched my son and daughter-in-law delight in their child.

Parenting can be an example of the love of God

Aaron and Eliza did more than meet Sam’s needs. They took every opportunity to cuddle and coo and make him smile. Their kindness was never based on whether Sam deserved extra attention that day. They didn’t interact with their baby because it was required or because he demanded attention. They fed Sam and played with Sam and kept him comfortable because of love.

If we look and listen closely, parenthood will teach us about our relationship with God.

Parenthood propels our understanding of God’s love forward because caring for an infant requires us to operate in a completely unselfish manner.


No matter how many books we’ve read, we’re surprised by the work, the fatigue and what it means to be available every hour of the day and night. We make the sacrifice because we love our baby. We make the sacrifice because we are committed to this new life and new way of living.


Parenthood propels our understanding of God’s love forward because we long for our baby’s response.


Around three months something happens that makes our work so much more rewarding. The infant begins to recognize our voice and our face. The baby smiles and our hearts explode with love. We make silly faces and sounds just to hear the baby giggle. We clap when they roll over or grasp a toy or babble a “word. “ We celebrate every new development because we see them becoming more of the person they are meant to be.


I think God feels this way about His children.

God’s love is perfect—totally unselfish. God’s love always works for our best interest. God’s love never hinges on our response. We can’t make God love us any more and we can’t make Him love us any less. God loves us perfectly because of who He is—not because of how we behave.


God loves us no matter how we respond, but He is eager for us to engage with Him. He wants us to talk with Him, to listen to Him, and to spend time together. He wants us to trust Him and be comfortable enough to relax, knowing He will provide what we need. He wants us to delight in His presence and not just what He gives us. He watches for our growth and development and is thrilled when we take baby steps toward His open arms.

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Laurel Griffith

Laurel Griffith

Laurel writes from Albany, Georgia where she lives with Jim, the love of her life and husband of 32 years.She and Jim are the parents of 3 grown sons and a lovely daughter-in-law. Laurel has been a magazine publisher, a newspaper editor and a freelance writer. She speaks at conferences, teaches Bible study and makes a great sugar cookie. You can read more of Laurel’s thoughts at www.laureljoycegriffith.com
Laurel Griffith

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