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While the very word sends some parents hittin’ the highway in terror, others get misty-eyed images of sweet, tender moments with kiddos around the kitchen table. Some swear they could never homeschool their kids or imagine gruesome images of what would happen to all involved should they even attempt it.

But the truth is, homeschooling looks as different as the families who homeschool.

And while we’re on the topic, may I suggest that we start using different terminology?

Paradigm switch here

I love the term “parent-directed education”!  Here’s why:

  • No matter where your children learn – it is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to ensure that education takes place.
  • Even if your kids do go to a traditional (public or private) school, real learning happens in so many more locations than any school building.
  • Your children will be learning for the rest of their lives. Your attitude and approach to education can create a firm foundation for lifelong success.


So, no matter how you found us… whether you’re looking into homeschooling, new at homeschooling or even if you homeschool… it is our hope and intent to bring you quality, practical and useful information and ideas to help your train up your child in the way they should go…

Take a look at the pages and pages we have on home education topics…articles on socialization, product reviews, curriculum, scheduling… In short, everything you will need to develop a lifestyle of learning!

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