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Homeschool Freedom Friday – Science Fair Help!

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Today’s video caps off our 5 Days of  STEM Activities week, and I’ve got some good news for you – even if you’re not a “geeky” mom, or one who leans toward the STEM subjects, be comforted: getting ready for the Science Fair doesn’t have to be terrorizing!

I’ve got some resources and help for the mom who is gearing up for science this year…

Freedom Friday Takeaways

Since I’m helping co-ordinate the Science Fair for our Classical Conversation community this year, I’ve started digging a little deeper into this topic, and I’ve put together a pretty decent list of resources for you. Here are some links to find inspiration for a great experiment:

Inspiration from Steve Spangler

Tips for Outstanding Science Experiments and Demonstrations from Science in the City

Outdoor Science Experiments from SoCalField Trips

Book series: Super Science Fair Projects

Turn a fun activity into an experiment with ScienceBob

But I’m most proud of the planning timeline and judging rubric that will help you and your student plan out the work and steps needed to do a stellar project that “checks all the boxes!”

If you think that will be of help,  sign up here and get instant access! to those materials. Download what you need and bookmark the rest 🙂

What resources have you drawn from to help prepare your student for a Science project or the Science Fair? Please do share them in the comments… And we all thank you in advance!

Looking for more from our series on STEM Activities for middle schoolers?

Here’s the whole kit-n’-kaboodle:

Day 1 – Solar Cars

Day 2 – Crazy ’bout Crystals

Day 3 – STEM Resource round-up

Day 4 – Water-testing

Day 5 – Help: We have a Science Fair project coming up!

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  1. GoMama247 August 13, 2017 at 12:16 pm #

    These science projects are really helpful for kids. Nice video.
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