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Homeschool Freedom Friday – …while moving to a new home

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There’s not doubt about it: moving is stressful.  But some 40 million Americans pack up and change mailing addresses each year, and that includes homeschoolers!

Watch as Pat shares some of the lessons she’s learned – and is learning – about combining the two activities. Scroll down below the video for the resources mentioned.

Freedom Friday Takeaways

5 Tips for homeschooling through transition (aka: moving)

  1. If you’re moving out of State, look up laws, look for homeschool support groups, umbrella groups (if necessary).
  2. Remember the 3R’s:
    1. Review – Take a look at the books and files you have at hand.
    2. Re-think – Evaluate if you’ll be needing them, if you’ve outgrown them, or if they’re outdated.
    3. Remove – Get them out of the house ASAP so they don’t end up back on the shelves or in your filing cabinet.
  3. Set up on-line learning for younger kids (elementary/middle school aged). I have some resources listed below.
  4. Re-schedule your school day – Leave the house for a few hours and “do school” at the library or the park. Then when you get home, you’ll be free and comfortable attacking what needs to be done around the house, without the guilt of not completing academics looming over your head. And don’t forget to pick up some boxes at the liquor store on your way home 😉 !
  5. Above all – be gentle with yourselves and your kiddos. This time shall pass; you will complete this move eventually; and you and your family will establish a new normal.

Recommended On-line learning resources:

The Techie Homeschool Mom has some great, short-ish online unit studies that are just the ticket for this kind of learning environment. They don’t take a ton of time, they are done online, so you can by busy packing up the other books and supplies you have, and they are written by a fellow homeschool momma (and used on her own kids) so you know you can trust them. Try a free course out for yourself!

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is really intended as a totally free complete curriculum, but if you’re in a bind, peruse the right column of their home page and you’ll find lots of different subjects that you could pick and choose from for activities for your brood.

Or how ’bout leaving a few educational games out for them? Many games help build math, language arts, science and logic/critical thinking skills, while keeping your kids occupied. Bonus points that they’re not buried in a screen and isolated from their sibs…

Do YOU have any good ideas to help make homeschooling go smoothly while moving? Please do share them in the comments… And we all thank you in advance!

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