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Homeschool Freedom Friday – Co-op chat

Welcome to Homeschool Freedom Friday!

Pat records this week's Homeschool Freedom Friday from the annual Homeschool Expo hosted by her local co-op!  Check in on the chat...

Whether you’re planning for the coming year or trying to clean out from the past year, your local “homeschool Expo” is where it’s at!

Homeschool Freedom Friday Takeaways

As I mentioned in the video, there are many good reasons to join a local co-op – or start your own!

Here are some links for more info:


Top 10 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Co-op – iHomeschool Network

Our family has been a part of co-ops in so many shapes and forms over the years. We’ve gone from 2 to 8 to 25 (at least) families; we’ve done just-for-fun classes, to studying history through the arts, to learning via the classical approach; teachers have ranged from “just” volunteer moms to employed teaching professionals in their fields.


Enhance the Quality of Your Homeschool This Year –

It was “just another” graduation, and once again, I found myself in tears. Happy tears, of course, but tears nonetheless. Our family knew and had grown to love most of the 18 young adults standing on the stage in their royal blue caps and gowns.

What about you? Got any other good reasons to join or start a co-op? Or alternatives to them? We’d love to hear your opinion, whatever it is!

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