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Homeschool Consulting

We are looking forward to sharing our experience and helping YOU homeschool with confidence through private consulting services.

Your days as an effective, joyful, homeschooler are just around the corner!
Homeschooling Consulting Services with PatAndCandy.com

We offer consulting services because we feel you, as a teacher, deserve to have support and coaching, too. Teachers in traditional school settings get to attend periodic training, workshops, conferences and the like in order to continually hone their skills, network with other teachers and learn or develop new methods and abilities.

Homeschool teachers deserve no less!

Don’t wait until there’s a serious problem to talk about an issue you can’t quite get your head around.

Be proactive about upcoming hurdles, or to prepare for a new season, such as high school.

Engaging a homeschool consultant does not mean anything is “wrong” – it’s a sign that you are a serious teacher with a strong desire to sharpen your efforts and give your children the best education possible!

Why PatAndCandy?

Pat-headshotPat Fenner is a veteran homeschooler of almost 20 years. Her family has been nestled in the rural SW corner of Georgia for the entire time, necessitating a creative approach to methods and resources. Her eldest son runs his own videography business in Atlanta, and her daughter (a Fulbright scholar and graduate of Berry College) was recently married :-).  Pat and her husband are forward-thinkers where education is concerned, and are creative in finding the educational value in almost every experience they have with their kids!





candy-head-shot-croppedCandy Reid has been homeschooling her own brood of 4 for the same amount of time, and has creatively educated her own through two major illnesses.  She outlines her own successful battle with breast cancer and a major life illness of a son in the book “Who Turned Out the Lights?”  Her oldest son is in law enforcement and her second son is successfully pursuing a degree in accounting and planning a wedding this winter!





Our Homeschool Consulting service involves the following process:

  • Completion and submittal of a brief assessment form
  • An initial 30-minute Skype session (optional)/or phone call
  • 30 days of unlimited email feedback

We then Skype, or complete our 1-hour phone call.

After our time together, your “take aways” include:

  • Your specific needs and concerns addressed
  • A written “game plan” for implementing what you’ve learned, for example an editable transcript template with a projected 4-year course sequence, or a suggested Unit Study outline, or list of resources for further learning…

Your consulting fee also includes:

  • Subscription to our periodic newsletter “Since we talked last”
  • Discounted fees for PatAndCandy-created products


Consulting Sessions

If you’re searching for answers and guidance, we’d love to help.  It IS possible to educate your children at home, and do it with joy and confidence! Whether you’re just getting started, or feeling burned-out and at the end of your rope, contact us TODAY for more information…

We are moms who are passionate about homeschooling – together, we’ve homeschooled for almost 40 years.

It is our heart’s desire that you fulfill the God-given call to educate your children at home, reaching their hearts and minds, as you prepare them to be valuable, contributing members of society as adults.

We want YOU and yours to benefit from our experience!


Consulting Sessions


Read what others have said:

You have helped in so many ways, how can I list them?  Testing decisions…dual enrollment questions…help with transcripts…planning our high-school course of study… Overall, you have been a great help for high school questions…where I have needed the help and encouragement the most!!
Ann P.


I am very grateful for all of your help and encouragement in my endeavors to begin homeschooling my daughter.  I was completely lost as to how or where to begin.  With your help, she is now beginning this year on the “right path”…and well on our way to a great year!

Gayle – new homeschooling mom

Pat … has a lot of experience in successful homeschooling and is very encouraging to newbies. She is my “homeschool guru”…

 Ellen S.

Don’t wait any longer!  Contact us today and grab your spot on our calendar!

Consulting Sessions

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We'd love to come beside you as a parent and homeschooler!  Let our years of experience help you be the best parent and home educator you can be - there IS joy in the journey, and we're here to help you find it 🙂

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