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Who Am I?

A young friend of mine recently posed the following question on Facebook: “How is ‘what’ you are separate from ‘who’ you are?… Are they two different things? Or the same thing?” Pretty deep stuff, if you ask me. And she did. I responded with this: “I think that ‘who’ I am is different than ‘what’ […]

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The Impossibility of “Me” Time

“Me” time.  Quiet time.  R&R.  My happy place. Whatever you call it…I ain’t gettin’ it these days. But rather than try to force it to happen, I uncharacteristically tried to start analyzing just why it’s so hard for me to get the rest and time-away-from that I know I need.  And, not in any order […]

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Taco Soup

I use the title Taco “Soup” loosely as the meal may or may not look like soup when you’re through. It’ll depend on how much water you add. Since my husband is allergic to soup (not really, but he NEVER wants soup in the summer and feels that once a month is sufficient in the winter) […]

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Fall Bucket List

Despite the fact that it’s still hotter than the devil’s toenails in South Georgia, the calendar says that autumn arrived yesterday! I have my Fall Bucket List in hand and can’t wait to start checkin’ things off. I’ve never made a bucket list before, so I’m pretty excited! I combined some of our favorite fall […]

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Saving Money Using Your Freezer

Saving Money in the Kitchen

One super easy way to save money in the kitchen is to utilize your freezer. If you’re  not already doing that, hopefully the following tips will serve as your inspiration to get started!   1.  Don’t waste your money on store bought bread crumbs. Keep a gallon-sized Ziploc bag in your freezer and collect the […]

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Honoring husbands

It’s been both an honor and a blast to be a part of WFXL’s Mother Knows Best crew over the past few months.  I’ve come to know an amazing group of women with whom I’ve shared lots of laughs and  who have taught me so much. In this episode,  local blogger and up-and-coming motivational speaker […]

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

Our family loves these chocolate chip muffins! They’re great as a breakfast treat, of course, but we’ve also taken them with us on trips as an easy snack that’s cheaper and healthier than picking up candy bars at gas stations along the way. I gotta warn you though…If you have an aversion to moist, chocolately, […]

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From Fear to Flight

How many times in your life have you had a wild thought about a project or activity or career or invention or…but never moved ahead on it?  Now think about what might have been going on in your head at that time.  What thoughts were swirling around as you daydreamed? For a few years after […]

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Frugal Friday Fail!

My propensity for procrastination has unfortunately resulted in today’s post being a chronicle of failure. Here’s how the events unfolded… Earlier this week I was looking for fun, frugal craft ideas for my daughter, Sarah. I stumbled upon loads of recipes for homemade bouncy balls. Homemade bouncy balls?! Who knew we could make those things […]

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