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Coffee and Conversation #156 – Focus on Reading

Greetings and welcome to Coffee and Conversation #156!   This week, in honor of our 3rd year of hosting Coffee and Conversation (eek!), we’re celebrating our very-most favorite thing with you – reading! So, while it may not be National Reading Week (although there are plenty of “official” opportunities to celebrate various forms of reading year-round), […]

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Sharing the Joy of Reading

Editor’s Note: Today we’re focusing on reading by republishing an old post of Candy’s. Make sure you read down to the bottom, too, for an opportunity to enter a very special giveaway hosted by Woman to Woman Ministries. I started reading out loud to my children over 20 years ago when my oldest son was so […]

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Coffee and Conversation #154 – A Summer update

Greetings and welcome to Coffee and Conversation #154!   I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe, but… Here’s my summer update: I am up. to. my. elbows. in fall prep already! Yeah, even I find it hard to believe and I’m in the middle of it all! This week, I: purged a bunch […]

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Raising Children In A Culture of Freedom

Tomorrow is Independence Day…July 4th…and a good time to continue thinking about the concept of freedom. As our children grow, teaching our children to live with freedom – and exercise the accompanying responsibility it brings – is constantly on our minds. I love this post by our friend Jen Talley, and it seemed appropriate to […]

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