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Girls’ Coding Camp: How to help your daughter build future skills

There is still a serious lack of girls in the computing fields theses days, at least that’s what I’m told. You’d never think that, tho…given the prevalence of girls’-coding-type classes and programs that are floating around the ‘net. But I do have a daughter who’s been spending an inordinate amount of time this summer playing […]

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Coffee and Conversation #103 – Strawberry Fig Jam Recipe

Good morning and welcome to Coffee and Conversation #103 – hosted by PatAndCandy.com!   We use Affiliate Links in many posts. It allows us to keep our site up and running smoothly.You can find more info on our Affiliate/Disclosure Page. We sincerely appreciate your support! “There’s something supremely satisfying about putting up jars of food in your […]

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Top 4 Questions About Homeschooling Your High-Schooler

The thought of homeschooling high school can seem daunting even to the most passionate homeschooling family.And, truth be told, many families start out without even the thought of homeschooling high school (at least not without a bit of fear and trepidation)… But it doesn’t need to be that way! Here are 4 of the most common issues related […]

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Coffee and Conversation #101 – Could your “table talk” use some creative help?

Good morning and welcome to Coffee and Conversation #101 – hosted by PatAndCandy.com!   Quick question: what did your family talk about at supper last night? Last fall I shared with you a great Periscope I’d heard from Michael Hyatt about the “one conversation” technique. We’ve been trying it around our house with varying degrees […]

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What’s Wrong With Apple Juice?

…or apples, or oranges, or tangerines, or grapes, or raisins, or tomatoes, or peaches, or nectarines, or cucumbers, or almonds, or peppers? Actually, nothing is wrong with these foods; they’re wholesome and nourishing. But for someone who is “salicylate sensitive,” certain foods can be terrific troublemakers.

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