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Coffee and Conversation #163 – and “100 years”…

Greetings and welcome to Coffee and Conversation #163!   You may know by now that I’m a big fan of TED Talks… They’re entertaining, they’re inspiring, they’re educational. I may not agree with the speakers from time to time, and most always I’m coming from a different worldview. But they are intelligent discourses, sincere and […]

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Good-For-Your-Health-Smoothies 101

(And scroll down to the bottom for 2 bonus recipes for some quick-energy, easy-to-make snacks that are good for you, too!)  No extra charge 😉 For any of you who followed our Couch to 5K series awhile ago, you’ll remember that I got into juicing… While I truly enjoy the taste and clean texture of pure […]

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Reviving The Lost Art of Mentoring

The concept of mentoring is often focused on mentoring youth,  And while it is admittedly an important and somewhat neglected activity in our society, a terrific sermon I heard awhile back on the concept of discipleship got me to thinking about “us women.” Many years ago, as a young wife and mother, I sought out some older Christian […]

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What’s your homeschool method?

Welcome to Homeschool Freedom Fridays! Today I wanted to share with you a bit about how we homeschool. Some might call it “eclectic”…but it’s not really. Others might say it leans towards “unschooling”… Relaxed and flexible, it’s definitely that!  Yet it produces life-long learners and well-prepared young adults… We call it… Freedom Friday Takeaways I […]

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