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Home Organization Resources

Here they are! We’ve had more than a bunch of posts to help you get it together around the house and in your life…

Home organization tips and resources


Here are our readers’ top picks…

10 Important Things to Do Tonight To Have a Great Tomorrow – personal organization

Review – Online Homeschool Planner – homeschool organization

5 Areas You Need to Control to Have a Successful Homeschool – homeschool organization

How to Curb Kitchen Clutter During the Holidays – home organization

Book Review – Organize 4U’s Practical Tips and Strategies to Getting Organized – home organization

Back-to-School: The One Thing That Will Make It Go Smoother – home organization

**The 5-Minute Challenge One of our most-viewed posts!

Taming the Paper Monster – A ‘must-read’ unless you’re on top of your paperwork…

6 Steps to a Clutter-Free Garage – home organization

8 Tips for Organizing Your Pantry – home organization

9 Tips for Making Your Move Less Stressful – home/personal organization

7 Easy Ways to Stay Organized This Summer – home organization

Organizing Tips For The Elderly – home/personal organization

And this post is a round-up of some great sites we’ve found in our travels…  11 Awesome Home Organization Resources

These are also resources that we are proud to recommend:

Organize 4U: Tips and Strategies for Getting Organized is written by “our own” Kim Pittman. Kim was a regular contributor on this site for years, and has worked in Pat’s own home. This book comes highly recommended!