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Are you tired of coming up with something for dinner?

It’s early Monday morning as I write this, and as my son heads out the door to work, can you believe that he’s ALREADY asked me what’s for dinner tonite? (OK, he IS a teenager…but still!) I mean, I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet!!

Thankfully, I’m happy to have Erin Chase for a friend 😉 And she’s told me about her new program – FreezEasy!


I already told you about the class I took last year that she gives twice a year – the Grocery Budget makeover – and how that has helped me curb our grocery budget.

Although for years I’ve been a fan of the freezer-plan concept, and I did try it a time or two, I’ve always been overwhelmed with the huge time investment, and hated feeling just plain wiped out when the day (or weekend!) spent shopping/preparing/bagging/storing/cleaning up was over!

But with “play-season” and its late-night rehearsals and round-the-clock production week once again upon our family (and you can replace any sport or after school activities, or, heck, even LIFE in those quotes!), yeah, I was thinking it’s time to try it again. But definitely not the way I’ve done it in the past!

So what IS FreezEasy?

FreezEasy is a new freezer cooking strategy from Erin Chase & $5 Dinners that will teach and equip you with a key strategy and set of tools and resources that will help you get organized and finally feel like you can get a delicious, wholesome dinner on the table without losing your mind! The goal is to make 10 to 12 meals for your freezer in less than one hour. It takes a specific type or style of recipe and meal to make that happen and I’ve designed preset meal plans with that goal in mind. I want you to be able to get 10 meals into your freezer without spending all afternoon in the kitchen. My hope is to remove the overwhelming feelings that surround feeding your family… every single night…every single day…sometimes, every single hour. (At least that’s how it feels some days with keeping my 4 boys fed, full and happy!)

FreezEasy includes printable downloads with recipes, shopping lists, assembly instructions, and even printable labels. My favorite part of this, tho, is the assembly videos you have access to, as well!  While you watch, Erin discusses strategies to help you work more efficiently and effectively in the kitchen. Set up your laptop nearby, and listen in as Erin shares tips and tricks while you’re cooking together!  It’s like having a friend in the kitchen with you – without getting in each others’ way 😉 !

Is FreezEasy really for you?

Well, Erin has tailored this plan only for those who are feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen from time to time, wanting to create healthy meals for the family but being crunched by the clock. So…if you’ve got lots of free time to shop and prepare healthy meals and get them on the table so your family can eat a leisurely dinner together every night, you can take a pass. (AND I also wish you would shoot me an email and tell me how you do it!!)

Let’s do this together!

Erin is just rolling this program out, and this is what’s planned. Starting tomorrow (Feb 16) and each day thereafter, she’ll be introducing the following plans, one each day:

  • All Chicken Recipes Plan – Tuesday
  • All Ground Beef Recipes Plan – Wednesday
  • All Pork Chops Recipes Plan – Thursday
  • Combo #1 Plan – Friday
  • Trio of Meats Plan – Saturday
  • Bundle, get all 5 plans for $25 ($10 savings) – Saturday

I don’t know about you, but Friday looks like it’s gonna be MY day! And what a way to start the weekend, right?! But then again, I might just wait ’till Saturday and get the whole shebang AND save some $$$ in the process… Yeah, that’s even better 😉

Personally, I’ve been really happy with the quality of Erin Chase’s products. Starting from her $5 Dinners years ago, to the Grocery Budget Makeover from late last year and now FreezEasy, I’m confident that you, too, will benefit from her help in at least 3 ways:

  1. Save money
  2. Feed your family healthy meals
  3. Remove the stress from meal planning and prep

Sound like a plan?!  Check out the FreezEasy Freezer Cooking Meal Plans all this week!

Have you tried plans like this before? How do you manage to feed your family healthy meals around the table? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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