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Flexible School Schedule – The app that works with your life

Over the years our family has developed what you could describe as a “flexible homeschool.”

I mean, with five kids in two different age groups, I was teaching middle and high school while little ones were toddling around. With that kind of home life, well, you kinda have to be flexible, right? (Can I get an “Amen!” from anyone who’s been in the same boat?)

We’ve managed so far to send three off to college, two of whom have made it successfully through to adulthood and life-in-general (#3 just left for his future alma mater a few short weeks ago).

And I realized early on that you can’t get anything accomplished to that end without some kind of planning system in place.

Flexible Homeschooling is a new homeschool scheduling app - YOU can be a part of helping it get to the masses by getting involved in their Kickstarter campaign!

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Admittedly, over the years my planning system has changed and developed as I began to learn how I worked best and discovered new and more-efficient tools. You can watch this episode of a Homeschool Freedom Fridays video to get an idea of how that format has evolved over time…

But no matter how you do it, I’m totally sold on the need for homeschoolers to craft some sort of system that works for them…which is why I’m so jazzed about this new Kickstarter project from veteran homeschoolers Philip and Lanaya Gore.

“In the trenches” for over a decade, they’re familiar with the everyday challenges homeschoolers face regarding planning (and I have to say these can get even more intense when high school rolls around, if you’re not prepared):

  • having a hard time keeping track of resources and class ideas
  • feeling overwhelmed with record-keeping and maintaining paperwork
  • being stressed about getting grades and records together for end-of-the-year reports or transcripts
  • struggling to stay on schedule when the new baby comes, or grandma comes to live with you, or there is a serious illness in the family

Flexible School Schedule features I love

Flexible Planning

As I mentioned above, even with the best of intentions, the best schedule-maker among us is gonna get sidetracked by life now and again. Rather than having to rearrange things if you miss a day (or even a week) of school, you can just move the lessons ahead, whether it’s one subject or the whole kit n’ kaboodle. That’s because it’s not a calendar-based app, but rather an app based on the pace of each child and the life of your family.

Tracking resources

Flexible School Schedule will help homeschooling families manage learning and life seamlessly!

Flexible School Schedule will help homeschooling families manage learning and life seamlessly!

If you do somewhat of an eclectic type of homeschooling that is rather relaxed, you know that often times during the year you’ll come across activities, books, classes or other resources that you’re not quite ready for yet, but want to use down the road.

And if you’re a more structured homeschooler, you know what it’s like as you discover subjects or areas that your student is a little weak in and you may want to work on in the future.

The “scratch pad” (left) and “resources” (right) features of this app will keep all your notes and reminders in one place! No more trying to keep track of paper notes, or even trying to remember where you jotted that note down on your laptop or phone.

Report printing

Another benefit is no more having to pull papers out and try to get grades together at the end of the year. This app tracks progress, test grades and grades from reports and projects and keeps them all in one place. If you live in a State where end-of-year reports need to be turned in…printing out just what you need will make putting them together a breeze!

Dontcha just love it?

How YOU can help get this planner to homeschool families everywhere!

Are you asking “Where can I try Flexible School Schedule” out?

Well, you can’t…yet! They need your help!

In order to make this dream-tool a reality, they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rollin’. Contribute to the fund and soon you’ll be able to:

  • gather your thoughts
  • collect your resources
  • layout your school year
  • plan your subjects
  • record your progress
  • …and MORE – all in one place!

Visit their Kickstarter page to find out more about the Gore Family, their project and take advantage of the opportunity to influence and shape the creation of an exciting new tool for homeschool families!

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