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Fast and Easy Meals In A Muffin

Keepin’ it real here, it’s been kind of hard for me to get back in the swing of things since the holidays, especially when it comes time to fixing supper for my brood.  With all the shopping and storing and prepping and cooking I did prior to and during Christmas, my head and body have just been a little slow to find my groove.

Which is why I love this idea so much!!

Fast and Easy meals - Meal in a Muffin

So the other night I was once again whining (to myself, of course) that it was TIME to make dinner aGAIN and just WHAT was I going to FIX?  Especially considering that I once AGAIN (or STILL) had to get to the store… whine…whine…whine…

And then I remembered the can of biscuits I had stashed away in the back of the fridge, hidden behind all the plastic and glass containers full of (sort of) left overs and not-quite-enough makings of a meal.  And I put two and two together and got THIS 🙂

No recipe card on this one…and your kids could even fix it up in no time!


1 package of refrigerator biscuits, any kind

leftovers – aim for meats and cheeses, but you can also add any kind of veggies you may have on hand


Spray the insides of a muffin tin.  Open the biscuits and stretch out each one to flatten it a little and then line the muffin tins.  Fill each cup with your leftovers – don’t be stingy: the biscuits will puff up and make a nice little container!  Cook according to the directions on the biscuit package.

My particular package called for 10-12 mins, so in under 20 minutes I had a nice, hot lunch for the family!  I used up some leftover ground meat and cheese I had from taco salad a few days ago. Throw in some barbecue sauce or salsa for extra flavor and zing! While they’re baking you can throw together a salad or cut up some fruit, or even make a yummy fruit smoothie to go with it 🙂

We love a good fast and easy meal!  

Need some other ideas?  Check out


What’s YOUR favorite “go to” when the clock won’t stop and supper’s comin’ on fast?

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