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Essential Oils at Home

Many people automatically assume that “natural” equals “expensive”.  Today’s Frugal Friday post, a contribution from Mom’s Morning Coffee friend Wendy Craft, features several recipes for household cleaning solutions made with essential oils and other simple products.  While these may be an add-on to other items already on your shopping list, you’ll find that you can make a bunch of stuff with them, and will save you $$ in the long-run.  Plus, you’ll feel a lot better using solutions that are kid-, pet-, and family-friendly…

5 Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Home

Feel free to share any recipes or uses for essential oils that you might have in the comments below.

There are so many useful uses for Essential Oils. They are easy to use and offer a safe, natural and non-toxic solution to many personal health-care products and household cleaners.

Basic Disinfectant

Water (distilled)
2T Natural Soap
5 drops Lavender Oil
5 drops Lemon Oil
5 drops Lemongrass Oil

Place above ingredients in spray bottle and shake well before each use.

 Germ Fighting Spray

Water (distilled)
10-12 drops Lemon Oil
12 drops Tea Tree Oil
6 drops Eucalyptus Oil
6 drops Lemon Oil

Place above ingredients in purse-sized spray bottle. This recipe is a replacement for antibacterial gel/spray for your hands. This recipe can also be used for cuts and scrapes, as well as a room deodorizer.

Dishwasher Detergent

1/4 cup Citric Acid (found in the canning section of your grocery store)
1 1/2 cup Borax
15 drops of Essential Oil (of your choice)

Place ingredients in plastic container with tight lid. Use 1Tb per load.  Shake well before each use.

Glass Cleaner

1 cup Distilled White Vinegar
1 cup Water
1/2T Natural Soap
Few drops of Essential Oil of your choice

Place ingredients in any size spray bottle.

Laundry Soap

1/8T Natural Soap
1T Baking Soda
Few drops of Essential Oil of your choice

Add above ingredients to washer filled with water (before clothes are placed in washer).

Mix well. Add clothes. When rinse cycle begins add: 1T of White distilled vinegar.


Some final details…

Mix these formulas up and store them as directed.

You can purchase essential oils at any local reputable health food or vitamin/supplements store, or online.



For more information, feel free to contact Wendy Craft via her Facebook page.





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