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EPIC Easter craft fail!

*Don’t try THIS at home!

craftFail1It was a gray, rainy Monday, and none of us really wanted to do much of anything around the house, so, hey, doesn’t that sound like a great opportunity to pull out the craft stuff and do a fun Easter craft?


I had seen this cute little yarn-egg project, and the eggs have a piece of chocolate in them, so that sounded like a GREAT idea!  I even had all the ingredients (yarn, glue, balloons and candy eggs).  Sounds like the perfect idea to enjoy some family fun and blah-blah-blah…


We had a great time together – Dad even got into the fun with us!  But something just seemed a bit, um, “off”…  Starting when the eggs put holes in the necks of the water balloons and we had to dig out “regular” ones…and the soggy-with-glue-yarn wouldn’t stay wrapped around the inflated balloons…





But anyway, this is what the cute little picture looked like.



Now I know I didn’t have colored yarn, but I thought we could just pull out the paints once they were dry, or nestle the cute white orbs in a basket of pastel Easter grasses…









But THIS is what they looked like when they dried 🙁


And I don’t EVEN want to show you what one of them looked like when we popped the balloon on the ONE “egg” that looked fairly decent….and the string stuck to some of the yarn and the whole thing looked like a bad parody of a shrunken head… Yeah, it was that bad 🙁


Apparently, well, apparently I have NO earthly idea what happened!  The balloons shrunk?  The yarn stretched?  There wasn’t enough glue? (although I followed the 50-50 glue/water idea I’d seen on PINTEREST!!!!!)

{{sigh}}  Well, I know this isn’t a long and developed post.  No words of encouragement or (useful) information here…

But I hope I at least gave you a laugh…  Craft fails come in all shapes and sizes I guess…


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