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Homeschool Freedom Friday – Earth Day Resources

In today's Homeschool Freedom Friday, find some Earth Day resources to help celebrate the planet! Teaching good stewardship principles to our kids, and practicing them ourselves, will go far in ensuring our environment is well taken care of...

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Earth Day – At the risk of revealing my (general) age, I remember the very first one…

While the popularity and exercise of this particular occasion has waxed and waned, it remains a practice of good stewardship to care for our surroundings…


Homeschool Freedom Friday Takeaways

3 reasonable reasons to celebrate Earth Day include:

  1. It’s a great opportunity to reinforce the concept of stewardship. I think we can all agree that many of us don’t exactly take the greatest care of our environment. As a gift from God, it’s important for us all to be better stewards!
  2. Learning is always more fun when there’s an “occasion” or a celebration or a special event involved. Just play it up and have a good time, and you and your kids are liable to learn something valuable in the process.
  3. Earth Day readily incorporates STEM activities. Experiments and physical science-related activities are a natural for this occasion: nature studies (especially because it’s springtime!) such as botany and horticulture, for example. Be creative and keep an open mind!

Here are some resources to get you started…
(Please note: In the spirit of this “holiday”, these books are all Kindle editions.)

The everything Kids' Science Experiments BookThe everything Kids’ Science Experiments BookHappy Birthday, Earth!Happy Birthday, Earth!The Science Teacher's Activity-A-Day, Grades 5-10The Science Teacher’s Activity-A-Day, Grades 5-10I Am EarthI Am EarthThe Lorax - A Dr Seuss Classic!The Lorax – A Dr Seuss Classic!The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds (Yes, I know this one is not on Kindle...but I couldn't leave out Ms. Frizzle!)The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds (Yes, I know this one is not on Kindle…but I couldn’t leave out Ms. Frizzle!)


You’ll want to look through these additional resources from Pinterest, too, where you’ll find everything from books to activities to food 🙂


Now this is that special offer I referred to in the video! I just adore essential oils…I use them all around the house and in plenty of personal care products, too, such as body scrubs and face wash, healthier cold and flu remedies, and even in my laundry and cleaning solutions.

Rocky Mountain Oils is having an Earth Day sale today (Friday) through Tuesday, April 25.

Buy any diffuser and get 40% off any single oil or blend!

Discover Rocky Mountain Oils - and their recycling initiative - during their Earth Day sale!

Featured diffusers include:

Moby Mist Ultrasonic DiffuseMoby Mist Ultrasonic DiffuserSpring Diffuser (on my personal wish list!)Spring Diffuser (on my personal wish list!)Droplet DiffuserDroplet DiffuserCascade DiffuserCascade Diffuser

And yet another reason to love RMO!

Special Earth Day announcement: On April 20, RMO announced the first ever glass bottle recycling program in the industry!

  • Customers can send them their empty essential oil bottles and RMO will recycle them at an authorized glass recycling center. They will also accept all empty essential oil bottles from competitor’s brands.
  • If you would like to recycle locally to eliminate the potential environmental impact caused by shipping, they can help you find your nearest recycling center here.
  • AND they are currently in the process of switching to shipping packaging made from 100% recycled materials!

How’s that for Earth Day news?!

Get started HERE!

So…have any other fun and unique ways to celebrate Earth Day? What’s your take on the idea? If you decide to, how will you be celebrating this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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