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Coffee and Conversation #108 – Developing Leadership Skills in Your Teen

Good morning and welcome to Coffee and Conversation #108 – hosted by PatAndCandy.com!



Have you been following the election season with your teen?

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I know, I know,it’s certainly had its highs and (mostly) lows, but you really should be engaging with your teen during this whole process…for a very good reason:

We have a dearth of real leadership in our country these days!

No matter what your political persuasion, I think we can all agree with that statement, don’t you?

Don’t worry: I’m not about to get on a political soapbox here, and I’m certainly not going to tell you how to vote or who to vote for. But I would encourage you to remember, as I keep reminding myself, that even though it looks like we’re leaving our children a messed-up future, it IS their future – and they have the power and potential ability to change it for the better…if they are prepared!

So, parents of teens, whether or not you homeschool, would you do me us all a favor?  Prepare your teen to be a leader!

How to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Teen

While I don’t want you to shoulder complete responsibility for your teen’s  future (you most likely give yourself enough grief),  there are simple steps you can take to get them started on the right track:

  • Encourage them to read – bookspreferably NOT on a Kindle – It’s not that I have anything against Kindles per se. But encouraging them to read “real” paper books, on topics that challenge them, will help them grow in ways that you may not even imagine. And paper books allow them to highlight, and underline, and make notes in the margins (yes, it’s ok to write in books if they’re yours), enabling them to make connections and engage fully with the content.
  • Follow, and discuss, politics with them – Who knows where the discussions may lead? But help them to see the moral and/or ethical issues often involved, and help them understand the difference between politics and leadership (yup, there IS a difference!). Show them the links between our lives and the effect our leaders have on it. Tip: If you don’t know how to do that, here are some tools you can use to get started.


All About Elections is an Online Unit Study that not only will help you navigate the election season with your student, but will give you the tools to get him or her started on developing their own leadership skills!

All About Elections is an Online Unit Study that not only will help you navigate the election season with your student, but will give you the tools to get him or her started on developing their own leadership skills!


  • Ensure they study civics and government and American history, maybe study them together. And ancient history is important, too: we get many of our political principles from the Greeks and Romans.
  • Give them opportunities to lead – Whether it’s in a Scout/AHG troop, teaching a Sunday School class, or Student Council or Key Club, or organizing a summer business or extra-curricular group of their own choosing… Don’t succumb to the temptation to tell them how to lead, or rescue them when they make a mistake, but be there to walk them through the lesson and help them learn how to bounce back up again.

HomeschoolingGuideCome back every day this week as we add to Your Easy Guide to Homeschooling High School:

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Day 3 – Beyond Books: Developing Leadership Skills in Your High Schooler

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Day 5 – Tools for the Teacher: How to Ensure Your Teen Has a Thriving High School Experience


I have to say that I really had a hard time deciding on features this week because there were so very many good posts shared last week. Seriously, if you didn’t get a chance, get comfy and peruse last week’s posts after you’re done here…and then YOU tell me which ones you’d have chosen!

This week’s features are readers’ favorites chosen by number of views. (Were they yours, too?!)

Well, somebody over at OurUnschoolingJourney is doing quite a bit of reading, and it looks like y’all wanted to know what was on her list of August reads, too, ’cause this post had the most views!  As I pointed out over there…so many books, so little time!

My August Reading List

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I LOVED Shannon’s post, from OfTheHearth! I can so totally attest to the fact that humor is good for our marriages. Paul loves making me laugh, and I love it when he does, too! There’s something about sharing a joke together that makes me feel so close to him…

 How Humor Benefits Your Marriage

Of The Hearth - How Humor Benefits Your Marriage



The important part about the title of this post is in parenthesis… It’s not everybody who can find the humor in a situation while they’re in the middle of it! But Morgan, from MorganManagesMommyhood does just that in this post. And, Morgan, if I’ve seen you at the store and told you you’d miss these days…please forgive me 😉

Do’s and Don’t When You See Me at The Grocery Store

(with my children in tow)

Do's and Don'ts when you see me at the grocery store - from Morgan Manages Mommyhood

Last but not least…

Gotta share our friend Andrew’s post, from Blessed Are the Pure in Heart, because y’all seemed to like it, too! As one of the original “party-goers” here at Coffee and Conversation, we’ve been following his story and praying for him and his wife over the past 2 years. We hope you will, too.

Your Dying Spouse 195 – Prayers



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10 Responses to Coffee and Conversation #108 – Developing Leadership Skills in Your Teen

  1. Marilyn Lesniak August 24, 2016 at 3:37 pm #

    Thank you for hosting! I appreciate being able to share my recipes on your blog. Enjoy your week!
    Marilyn Lesniak recently posted…Shrimp and Crab Mac and CheeseMy Profile

    • Pat August 24, 2016 at 7:17 pm #

      And Marilyn, on behalf my family, and I’m sure many of our readers, I am SO happy you choose to share them with us!!
      Thanks as always for stopping by <3...have a great week!

  2. Beth August 24, 2016 at 10:11 am #

    Great idea, Pat. Raise up the next generation of leaders in and through our sons and daughters. Hopefully that will help to redirect our nation toward better values and choices. It is a future that is scary without that ambition and especially without the hope and direction the Lord can give. That’s how I’ve been dealing with this dismal election–praying for the candidates and the election. Thanks so much for the linkup, my friend!

    • Pat August 24, 2016 at 7:22 pm #

      Beth, Sounds like you have the BEST idea! I would certainly encourage us all to pray, as you do, and as we do at home. That really IS a foundational step…
      Training our children to be strong, godly, leaders may come in a close second, tho 😉

      Love that you stopped by again today; I’m heading off to your “mess”, now – so see ya’ there!!
      Have an awesome week, friend!
      Pat recently posted…Coffee and Conversation #108 – Developing Leadership Skills in Your TeenMy Profile

  3. Shannon August 24, 2016 at 7:29 am #

    Thanks for featuring my post on humor in marriage! What a blessing it is to share something with your spouse that is both fun and beneficial to you.
    Thanks also for hosting!
    Shannon recently posted…The 10 Most Useful Printables on Of The HearthMy Profile

  4. Debbie Williams August 24, 2016 at 7:22 am #

    Pat I agree with leadership and not getting on my soapbox either, but so glad you are starting this series. It is needed in our country and in our homes.

    I’m with you on the books. I would not be where I am in not only my Bible study life but my college life had I not been able to highlight and markup and take notes. What a difference it makes in grades and in our walk with our Savior or at least it did for this girl. I go now and get all my Bible study books cut and a spiral added to them so they are easy to open and write in.

    Thank you for the link-up. Have a great week.

    • Pat August 24, 2016 at 10:31 am #

      Debbie, That is a FANTASTIC idea to add a spiral spine to your study books. I know Office Depot and Staples, etc, can do that for a small charge, but I also know quite a few homeschoolers have that wonderful little spiral binder tool… 😉

      Yeah, I’m kinda on a quest here to open our eyes to the opportunities we parents in general and homeschoolers specifically have to MAKE a DIFFERENCE through our kids! We’re living in crazy dark days; if it weren’t for the hope I have through The Word…well, I honestly don’t know how people can keep going without it.

      Off my soapbox now (or should I say again?)!

      And thanks for stopping by…hope to see you soon!
      Have an awesome day 🙂
      Pat recently posted…Your Easy Guide to Homeschooling High SchoolMy Profile

  5. Ifeoma Samuel August 24, 2016 at 4:52 am #

    Dear Pat, I am very happy yu taking this series. I taught My kids at orphanage about this 2weeks ago on Leadership. I can’t wait for #5 article.
    Thank you for the linkup
    Ifeoma Samuel recently posted…The Power of The Story Behind Your ScarsMy Profile

    • Pat August 24, 2016 at 6:36 am #

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying this series!! How wonderful to be teaching leadership skills to your kids – it’s SO important that we get them on the right track early – we will greatly need their leadership in the future.
      Hope #5 meets your expectations!!
      Have a great week…and thanks as always for stopping by…

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