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How to Curb Kitchen Clutter During the Holidays

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Christmas may be over, but we’re still in the middle of a season of entertaining!

Holidays are can be times of great fun, as families and friends enjoy a break from their routines to celebrate together.

But it can also be stressful, especially if the home they are gathering in is yours!

Is it possible to welcome friends and relatives to your home without all the stress?  The answer is yes. For the hostess, entertaining can be difficult, but it can also be enjoyable. How? Be prepared. Since most holiday gatherings will center around a meal, do not wait until it’s time to start cooking to get your kitchen organized. Go ahead and do it now.  The goal is to simplify. Less is better because more equals clutter.

Ideas for cutting down on kitchen clutter

Here are a few helpful tips to organize your kitchen:

1.  Having one set of pots and pans is an easy way to reduce clutter.


2.  If your kitchen does not have a pantry, create one central location for food so that it doesn’t spill over the entire kitchen.


3.  Plastic cups from ballgames and restaurants can accumulate quickly.  Be careful that the number of cups does not overtake your limited space.


4.  Storage containers can multiply quickly too. Make sure all containers have both top and bottom.


5.  Spices have a way of taking over kitchen cabinets.  Be careful not to overbuy.


6.  Keep cleaning products to a minimum and store in one central location.


When thinking about having family and friends over, keep in mind that the goal is spending quality time with those you love the most.


Don’t try to impress them with fancy dishes or decorations.  Keep it simple!


You may find it helpful to make a menu and ask family and friends to help by bringing a dish.  Using disposable containers makes clean up easier.


Rather than feeling the crunch of buying gifts, consider changing things up and being creative.


Give the gift of time. People rarely remember what they get as presents,  but  the memories made on a family outing last a lifetime.


A New Year is right around the corner! Get ready and get organized!


For more organizing tips check out my new book, Organize 4U: Tips and Strategies for Getting Organized, available on Amazon!

How do YOU curb clutter during the holidays?

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Kim Pittman

Kim Pittman

Kim has successfully helped create time and space for hundreds of people in Southwest Georgia. In 2005 she started Organize 4U with a vision to help individuals live clutter-free and productive lives. She organizes areas in the home, including pantries, attics, storage buildings and garages. Kim also custom designs and installs closet systems that enhance storage capacity. Her expertise also includes office space and systems. For organizational tips, find her on Facebook at Organize 4U. And you’ll find lots of great organizational info, including before and after shots, on her website Organize4U.org.
Kim Pittman

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