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CTC Math – a no-more-tears math curriculum

I love my daughter’s smile. And while she is generally very sweet-natured, over the years, math studies had become a problem in our homeschool, and I wasn’t seeing that smile as much when she was working on that subject.

It’s not that she couldn’t do it…but the programs we’ve used over time often failed to either challenge her or keep her attention for long.  As a result, getting her to “do” math started to become, shall we say, quite challenging…

CTC Math

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Not only that, but I had two older sons who were taking Algebra and studying to take SAT/ACT tests in preparation for college classes in the fall, and I really wanted needed something that would provide a bit more accountability for them while increasing my ability to track their progress.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here… This was all to start telling you why I was so happy to discover CTC Math!


What I appreciate about an online math curriculum

As I mentioned before, we’ve worked through quite a few math curricula during our homeschool years. Even though much of our learning has been hands-on and “real world centered”, math has been the one subject that I felt was foundational and required systematic study and thorough mastery.

(That, and I am SO not math oriented and have no business even trying to teach anything besides the basic 4 skills without help…)

I’ve found that as our life and lifestyle have become more mobile over the years, online resources are not only more appropriate to how we live and easily adapted to various learning styles, but they are also a format that our kids will need to master in the 21st century.


CTC Curriculum - math online

CTC Math covers Math studies throughout your child’s educational journey – from Kindergarten through high school, providing step-by-step, concept-upon-concept, learning.


CTC online math

Love these weekly reports! Not only tells me how my child is doing…but how much time he or she is actually putting into personal study! CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A LARGER VIEW.


A special benefit I appreciate of CTC Math is the built-in accountability. As a busy mom, I so appreciate the weekly summaries I get, via email, of my kids’ progress (or lack thereof) in the previous week. Admittedly in the past a tad too much time may have passed before I’d have realized that a kiddo or two might have fallen behind in our plans… No more! I print out my report on Monday, sit down with each student after breakfast, review the results together and adjust the program for the coming week.


Related to accountability is how this online math program helps develop my children’s abilities to learn how to pace their studies and develop time management skills. Inside the parent portal is the ability to add assignments (tasks) which show up on your student’s homepage. I used this extensively at first, assigning specific lessons to be completed daily, then tapered off to chunks of lessons weekly (that they would have to manage), and by the end of the year, they had begun rolling smoothly through their work. Of course, if/when they would hit a lesson/topic that required a bit more review, their schedules might have gotten off course, but considering the mess up was that they were spending more time working on math made it no big deal!


CTC Certificate - online math


Online math courses also allow for flexible learning schedules. One of my sons started his first job during this past school year, and his being able to put off a tougher lesson or two for the weekend was sometimes a huge blessing. Additionally, because math has always been a tough subject for him, he (and I) appreciated that he could go back and review the lesson until he mastered the concepts. Being able to track his progress helped him to see how far he was getting in his studies; the printable certificates were the cherry on top!


(This is something that may sound a bit silly but bears mentioning from our family’s experience. We all love Pat Murray’s (the teacher behind the voice!) accent. All lessons are recorded with his lovely Australian accent, which is alternately entertaining and somewhat soothing, especially when the kids are struggling through some more difficult concepts!)


CTC math online

The hidden “gems” of CTC Math

Quite possibly the best part of CTC (ok, at least the part the kids and I enjoy the most) are the games hidden waaaaay down on the bottom of the screen!! When you’re on any of the main pages, you’ll find 3 little phrases on the bottom footer: Speed Skills | Times Tables | Swap Pieces

As seen in the image to the left, clicking on each leads you to the home screen of games that your children (and you!) will find both challenging and beneficial. They provide a fun “break” from lessons and assignments while keeping the learning level high.

(Even I – who is admittedly NOT a “math person” – found it taking me far too long to write this review ’cause I kept getting sucked into “one more round” of Times Tables Shoot ‘Em Up…)

And the beauty of Swap Pieces is that it’s teaching a logical approach to problem-solving, as opposed to an outright skill like addition or subtraction, so your kids’ brains are still being trained without them thinking they’re “doing math”.  Just. Lovely.


  • If you’re curious about using CTC Math with pre-school and early elementary kiddos, please check out Christy’s review from PK1HomeschoolFun.com
  • If you’re curious about using CTC Math with ADD/ADHD kiddos, please watch this short Periscope video from Selena (app 12 mins) at LookWereLearning.com
  • If you’re curious about using CTC Math with a larger family, please watch this short Periscope video from Amy (app 15 mins) at BusyBoysBrigade.com (she’s homeschooling 5 young’uns!)


AND, if you’re interested – but still on the fence – about looking into CTC Math as you prepare for the coming school year, here are 2 reasons you really need to check them out:

  1. You can try them out on your kiddos for a FREE TRIAL (which is how I discovered them last year…), and
  2. Homeschoolers get a WHOPPING 60% savings by using this special link to purchase a CTC Math membership

CTC Math memberships are great for families with 2 or more children. Check out their price structure, and you’ll see they are very economical and can really help ease a tightly-stretched education budget. But even better, right now CTC Math is giving away a 12-month family membership to five lucky winners! Couldn’t hurt to give it a try, right?!

Enter here today!


I guess you can tell that I’m sold on CTC. Now, while I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results our family has had, whether you’re in “school prep mode” for the coming year or you find yourself needing to switch gears mid-year, ya’ gotta admit that CTC makes it super easy to give their program a try!

Check out their free trial while you still have a few days of summer left…and I’ll say “You’re welcome!” right now!

And keep up with CTC Math on social media!

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