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Coffee and Conversation #158 – More STEM Resources

Welcome to Coffee and Conversation #158…

Lots of STEM resources for your middle and high school student here at Coffee and Conversation #158 - come join us!

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AND Day 3 of our week of STEM activities!

Today I have the extreme pleasure of sharing with you a boatload of super STEM resources that I’ve curated from a few homeschool bloggers whom I know and admire. I do believe that you, too, will come to appreciate the skill and effort they have put into their materials. They are in no particular order, so feel free to check any and all of them out!

10 Fun STEM Experiments | GreatPeaceAcademy #ihsnet #science

Children have a natural curiosity. And, STEM experiments allow a child to explore their curiosities in hands-on ways. It takes learning out of the textbooks and puts it in the forefront of a child’s mind. Asking a simple question and allowing a child to hypothesize the answer ignites a sense of curiosity.

100 STEM Projects for Kids & Teens of All Kinds – Blog, She Wrote

STEM. It seems like that acronym is everywhere and people are all about it. Super-hyped. I’m not a big fan of the buzzword, but I adore the building blocks of the concept.

The Lab Bench

Students will be exposed to the scientific method and various methods such as design, testing, observation, data collection, analysis, and drawing conclusions based on these methods.

Science and Technology Curriculum

Homeschool Buyers Co-op offers interactive, hands-on home school technology and science curriculum for homeschooled students including Discovery Education Technology and Science, Aha!Science, PLATO Science and more.

STEM Club – Eva Varga

Welcome to the home of STEM Club! Here you will find information on how to coordinate a STEM Club as well as a variety of hands-on, inquiry based science activities to use in your middle school science classroom.

Resources for Putting the Technology in STEM – Blog, She Wrote

Are you looking for ways to help your kids learn more about computers and computer programming? There are a lot of options out there with many companies offering courses and products to suit just about every need and interest.

Shop – Our Journey Westward

Beautiful resources for living math and nature studies!

Top 10 Science Contests for Middle School Students.

This is another guest contribution for The Science Celebration. I have been honored to bring such amazing information, resources, lessons, and just plain fun your way. This is a great resource for middle school science contests (plus a bonus contest information sheet you can grab). Thanks to Meryl from FundaFundaAcademy.com.

From beakers to boron: Best resources for studying chemistry and the periodic table – Unschool RULES

Our biggest science focus this year has been chemistry – and we’ve spent a significant amount of time exploring everything from its history – researching the early alchemists – to the periodic table, visiting the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s museum, and so on.

Exploring the world around us: Unschooling science – Unschool RULES

In our family, we don’t “do” subject areas. We don’t really do tests, quizzes, essays or worksheets. We’re radical unschoolers, and we believe that learning happens all the time, and for us, it rarely happens in tightly defined areas like “social studies” and “grammar.”

It’s not all about numbers: Unschooling math – Unschool RULES

In our family, we don’t “do” subject areas. We don’t really do tests, quizzes, essays or worksheets. We’re radical unschoolers, and we believe that learning happens all the time, and for us, it rarely happens in tightly defined areas like “social studies” and “grammar.”

Resources to Help Your Middle Schooler “Rock” STEM! –

So…you may have read recently that my 12-year-old daughter dropped a bomb on my and informed me that she loves science…and math…and technology…

Free Marie Curie Online Unit Study

Learn about Marie Curie with Online Unit Studies. Enroll free for a limited time.

Solar System Online Unit Study – Techie Homeschool Mom

Learn about the Solar System Explore the Sun and planets Learn about orbits, gravity and so much more Perform experiments and analyze data with Google Sheets MODULES: Solar System Overview The Sun Planetary Orbits Gravity Planets The Rocky Planets The Gas Planets Comets, Asteroids and Meteors Project: Solar System Model Like free stuff?

Now THAT should keep you busy for awhile, no?! Let me know which one/s you try and what you thought of them. And feel free to add any others in the comments below!

 Happy “Science-ing”!

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Looking for more from our series on STEM Activities for middle schoolers?

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  1. Journa Ramirez August 10, 2017 at 9:57 am #

    Thanks for hosting. Have a fabulous week! – Journa, visiting from the team at http://www.lollyjane.com

  2. J Rawson August 9, 2017 at 8:32 pm #

    Thanks for hosting! These STEM articles look great!

  3. Marilyn Lesniak August 9, 2017 at 8:20 pm #

    Thanks for hosting. Have a blessed and fun week!

  4. Roseann Hampton August 9, 2017 at 8:19 pm #

    I loved teaching science when I was in the classroom – it was always so much fun! Thanks for hosting!
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    • Pat August 10, 2017 at 8:57 am #

      Oh Roseann, science is definitely not my forte…but I sure am having fun learning! It really helps to have a friend alongside who does have that passion. Guess you CAN “teach an old dog…”
      Have a great week!
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  5. Patrick Weseman August 9, 2017 at 10:29 am #

    Thanks for the resources. Also, thanks for hosting and have a wonderful rest of the week.
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    Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful day!
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