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Christmas 2015 – The Ultimate Gift Guide

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Yes, this is the time of year when we see them all over the ‘net: gift guides and gift lists. Printables for just about everything you can imagine…shopping lists, menus, holiday “to-do” lists, and so much more!

We thought we’d jump into the fray as well, and make some suggestions for our loyal readers, and occasional visitors, too 😉

The Ultimate

We’re posting some ideas at the front end, and then if you continue scrolling, you’ll find links to other lists we’ve come across and love.  Some of them have already been shared in our weekly Coffee and Conversation link parties; others we’ve come across from blogs that we personally follow.

But as we often point out, we’re all here to help each other!  So if you have any ideas to share, we’d LOVE for you to share them in the comments.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to shop year round, and so when things get down to the wire, I totally covet gift ideas!

And before I continue, let me share a great idea my daughter started this year. She opened a Word document in Google docs, and invited the whole family to contribute.  As people came up with things they’d appreciate as gifts, they added them to their name on the list.  Haven’t exactly worked out the fine-tuning yet (I mean, when you do buy a gift, do you cross it out? or delete it? And then doesn’t the person know they’re getting it?)  But at any rate, I appreciate having the ideas at hand!!

So without further ado…

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide…from Pat and Candy <3

There’s a bit of everything here: our own suggestions, as well as links to other sites with some creative topics, lists and/or ideas.

Hope this helps you with your holiday shopping gift-giving. Remember: it’s not about what’s under the tree, it’s about what’s in our hearts!

Now you know we’re all about DIY, so before you go out spending tons of bucks, consider some of these ideas…

Here are recipes for a myriad of  health, home and hygiene gifts…just add your own fancy glass bottle or jar!

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for TeachersWhere there are moms, there are kids…where there are kids, there are teachers-who-need deserve-gifts… We compiled a great list of useful and attractive Teacher’s Gifts that will definitely be appreciated :-)! (Sadly, the giveaway on that page has already closed, but the gifts are still a great idea…)

The recipe for sugared peanuts here is always a big hit with Pat’s family… Placed in a festive holiday tin, they make a great gift for neighbors or folks at work.

Don’t forget your furry friends, either! Candy’s dog loves these homemade dog treats…we’re sure your Fido will love them, too!

A few years ago, co-writer Kelly D’Ambrosio made these Memory Necklaces. They are easy to make and can be personalized in a myriad of ways!

  Christmas: it's not about what's under the tree, it's about what's in our hearts! Click To Tweet

But if you really must go shopping…

Christmas Gifts for the Outdoorsman


Have any outdoorsman in your life? This is a gift guide we put together just for them! You may want to bookmark it and check back in a few days, as we’re in the process of updating it right now…



When you can’t decide what to buy for the teen or tween who sticks his or her nose up at your choice of fashion or music, an Amazon gift card is always welcome…or, better yet, set them up with an Amazon Allowance, and use it for gifting all year ’round!

Speaking of Amazon, Candy pulled this little gift guide together, too. You may want to leave anything new and exciting you’ve found as an addition in the comments below it… (Please and Thank You!)

And this Gift Guide is an absolute gem! Scroll down the post (it’s a link party 🙂 ) and you will find links to lists for “Made in America” products, StarWars fans, stocking stuffers, gifts for men, and more!

Now on to other gift idea collections…

Frugal Christmas Gift Lists

Find a bunch of games, printables, and e-books here. Mostly educational and faith-based.

Christmas Gifts For the Family

I love the variety of gift ideas for the Christian family here, from Rosilind at A Little R&R…

Amanda’s list reminds us that, even in difficult circumstances, we can be generous, kind-hearted and give memories that will last a lifetime! <3

What’s more bonding than a fun family game night? Heidi shares some fun dice-type games here. (What I love most about those are that you can sneak ’em in your purse and play them while waiting at a restaurant or in the car…Ever try LCR® Left Center RightTM Dice Game? We LOVE it!)

Sneak in a bit of education in their stockings this season! Check in with Cindy at OurJourneyWestward for some ideas…


Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby

Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for your hubby from Sheila Wray Gregoire over at ToLoveHonorAndVacuum. (A heads-up here: I’ll be guest-posting there tomorrow, so mark your calender and check out her blog!)

I love the humor that Chelsea uses to describe how she came up with her list of gifts that men really want!  




Christmas Gifts For The Kids

Boys: Find gifts for all ages here!

Girls (teen/pre-teen): Thank you, Lana for some fun gift ideas for my last-year-as-a-pre-teen sweetie! 

Tough-to-Please Teens: Gifting my teens has always been the bane of my existence! Which is why I appreciated Heidi’s guide here. You’ll find over 100 ideas separated by category (tech, sports, book lover, animal lover, etc.)

Middle-Schoolers/Families: Megan shared some great games for families with middle schoolers to play together…

Toddlers: Although this is presented as a list of gifts from ebay, these are most likely available in your local toy or big-box store, too.

Lindsey shares the toddler gift guide she put together for her little Zoey to give to her family for gift ideas this year. So sweet…

Readers:  Kathy from Cornerstone Confessions has a terrific reading list here…

Educational: I couldn’t help it! We try to “sneak in” learning at every opportunity, which is why I’m sharing Heather’s list with you, if you’re so inclined 😉 It’s 31 days’ worth of gift ideas!

Video Games: Brenda put together a list of “retro” video games that are not only not violent, but have those aforementioned educational potential that I’m so enamored with, as well!

Vintage/Retro Gifts: Oh my, I know I’m once again giving away my age, but taking a look at this post was a stroll down memory lane! Good fun is truly ageless… Thanks, Karyn!


Christmas Gifts For..

Your pastor: Check out this Gift Guide for Your Pastor provided from veteran pastor and missionary F Dean Hackett.

Your neighbors: Do you buy gifts for your neighbors? Sometimes I do, other times we just make a bunch of cookies and a homemade card.  If you’re particularly close to yours, or they have been particularly gracious to your this year…go ahead and bless ’em! Find some ideas from Jamie here.



Christmas Gifts For Yourself <3

For you “geek” moms: While it’s easy to find the bath-soaps and body-scrubs for mom, Ticia offers some fun geek gifts that are not quite the run-of-the-mill!

December special 450 (1)For readers…”Cherished”, a brand-new inspirational magazine, is having a December special. Heck, if nobody else is gonna get it for you…treat yourself! It’s the gift that you’ll enjoy all. year. long. 🙂

For mom bloggers: While this list contains some of the tried-and-true gift categories, what I loved about it was the section for gifts for bloggers and writers! Thank you, Susan!


The biggest and best Christmas gift you can give to yourself, and those around you, is kindness. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season stress you out to the point that you snap! Your loved ones may forget even the most thoughtful gift you purchase, but they will never forget the harsh words and snippy attitude you adopt. At the same time, they will never forget sweet and creative memories you enjoy together, either <3

Have a wonderful Christmas season…however you celebrate it! (And don’t forget to leave your thoughts ~ and some love ~ in the comments below!)

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13 Responses to Christmas 2015 – The Ultimate Gift Guide

  1. Jenn Roberts December 22, 2015 at 2:58 am #

    This is a really great gift guide! Thank you for sharing this week over at The homeschool Nook! Hope you have a great Holiday Season this year!

    • Pat December 22, 2015 at 2:30 pm #

      Thanks, Jenn! I hope it’s helpful to you and our other readers, too!
      Wishing you the best at Christmas and throughout the New Year 🙂

  2. Ann December 21, 2015 at 3:24 pm #

    Wow, as bad as it sounds, I am still finishing up my shopping — and this compendium is exactly what I need! Thanks for linking up at Frugal Friday! 🙂

  3. Lindsey December 9, 2015 at 12:16 pm #

    Thank you SO much for linking to my toddler gift guide! Sharing this post via twitter and stumbleupon. 🙂

  4. Emily December 9, 2015 at 7:47 am #

    What an extensive list! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Amanda B. December 7, 2015 at 10:10 pm #

    Thank you so much for listing sharing my post “6 Gift Ideas Under $1 That Will Last Beyond Christmas.” I am going to have to pin this one! So much good stuff here! This was such a blessing to me!

    • Pat December 7, 2015 at 10:51 pm #

      You’re welcome, Amanda! And I’ll be praying for continued provision and peace for your family during the holidays, and always! Stop by again some time…you’re welcome to join us on Wednesdays for Coffee and Conversation ~ it’s always a fun little party 🙂

  6. Abi at Joy In My Kitchen December 7, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

    That’s quite a collection of ideas! I appreciate you including a link to my gifts under $5 post.

    • Pat December 7, 2015 at 8:18 pm #

      Thank you for putting YOUR post together, too, Abi! It’s a welcome addition to the collection here… 🙂

  7. Julie S December 7, 2015 at 10:37 am #

    What an awesome roundup. I pinned a bunch of these. Thanks so much for including my gift guide 🙂 I love the diy gifts for teachers. I actually have a teacher as my secret santa gift this year so I’m looking for ideas.

    • Pat December 7, 2015 at 11:02 am #

      Great timing, then, isn’t it?! Glad you enjoyed it, and of course, thanks for the Pinterest-love 😉
      Enjoyed your guide, and it was a pleasure to include it!

      Have a great week…

  8. Rosilind December 7, 2015 at 9:45 am #

    Thank you so much for listing my gift guide!! You both are such a blessing!

    • Pat December 7, 2015 at 10:01 am #

      You’re most welcome, Rosilind! You are, too! And happy to see you back in the saddle…missed you there for awhile <3!

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