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Book Review – “Stress Free Holidays”

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but the year is half-over already!  And, yes, here it comes…CHRISTMAS is just around the corner.  But I have GOOD NEWS!! You don’t have to wait ’till the last minute and cram it all in…I have help for you here 🙂


Kimberlee Stokes, aka ThePeacefulMom has written an amazing e-book called Stress Free Holidays, that I just have to tell you about.  If you have some time off during the summer, use the opportunity to get started on your holiday preparations (if you haven’t already, as some of my friends have…ugh!).

Anyway, I purchased this book for totally selfish reasons! Mainly, because I am SICK and TIRED of running around last minute getting ready for Christmas!  I’ve seen some of Kimberlee’s other materials, and so…I had hope 😉


I love her writing style.  She “warns us” upfront: “there may or may not be sarcasm sprinkled throughout these hallowed pages.” (p.4)  So honest. Kimberlee steps with us into the chaos and confusion often known as the holidays, encourages us to brush off the air-brushed images we might have of what the holidays “should” look like, and work with “what is“.  So real.

OK, so just at a glance…here are some observations:

  • she includes “just enough” bulk meal-planning ideas, with recipes AND Pinterest links!, to keep you from ordering fast food or trying to be creative with leftovers when “you. are. DONE.” with the kitchen after Christmas!
  • oh, and also recipe-related: looking for some different and inexpensive things to bring to a pot-luck? Yup, she’s got it covered! (Oh my goodness – I am SO gonna try her Cherry Chocolate Chip Bread!!)
  • Dealing with food allergies – either yours or the kiddos? You’ll find some great (read: practical) advice here…
  • traveling with the young’uns? She’s got some TERRIFIC ideas (with visuals!) of themed activity bags to keep ’em busy and off the electronics!
  • cute printables… suggestions and links for fun activities and gift ideas!
  • she even shows you how to efficiently pack your suitcase (with tips on packing jewelry!) if you’re flying or need to save space…
  • Dealing With Difficult Family Members – this section alone is worth the price of the book 🙂
  • a 1-page (I like that, ’cause it’s easy to print out!) Fun Stuff to Do: plan ahead for those down-times when kids are bored and you’re just too beat to come up with something…
  • ways to save, and even make $, around the holidays (or all year ’round!).  Actually, I found many useful gems in her section titled Don’t Spend All Your Money.

You get all this…and more…for under $10!  Think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself, to give you some peace over the holiday season…

But, as Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow used to say, “Don’t take my word for it!”  Click on the picture below, take a look at what Mrs. Stokes has to say (along with other testimonies!) and decide for yourself.

As always, I’ve gotta ask…do YOU have any tips or tricks you use to beat stress around the holidays?  And if you’ve gone ahead and purchased the book…what are YOUR favorite sections?  Care to tell us about your biggest holiday stress?  Share whatever is helpful in the comments below!

And may I be the first to say “Happy Holidays!”  Hoping you have a peaceful Christmas season…






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