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Go Back-to-School and See The World!

Welcome back, friends! Not only back to our site…but back to school!!

We're offering some fun and useful geography/world studies tools...but there are 51 OTHER themes for you to choose from in this "Back-to-homeschool gifts and giveaway"

And just in case you’re not “feelin’ it” yet, we are SO excited to have an awesome surprise for you!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re offering you a chance to win this totally awesome gift basket! (And keep reading: there’s even more below!!)

You see, I know that once in a while it’s a little rough getting started (and yes, this is coming from someone who just LOVES to plan!). But sometimes if someone offers me a little treat or incentive, it makes things a tad better – you know, the “spoon full of sugar” syndrome.  So think of this as your spoonful of sugar, friends!

In this particular gift basket, let me tell you what you can win:


  1. Give Your Child the World (book)  $16.99
  2. Ultimate Travel Coloring Book $14.99
  3. 2017 Road Atlas $7.99
  4. BIP WonderMaps (DVD) $49.95
    • Laminated US map
    • Laminated map of Middle East
  5. Craz Art 24 Colored Pencils $1.00
  6. 100 Count Index Cards $1.00
  7. Set of 3 4×6 Memo Pads $1.00
  8. Compass Sticker $2.99
  9. Mini Passport $3.99
  10. 100 Count Map Pins $2.99
  11. (Travel Far) Photo Album $1.19

Total value: $104.08

Here’s a little background on the highlighted items above:

You’ll find Give Your Child the World to be an amazing resource for your homeschool this year. Whether you use it as a pure reading list, or to enhance geography or world culture studies, this is a true goldmine! The first 3 chapters alone give you a fascinating peek into the author’s life and open your mind and your heart to the concept of exploring this great big globe we call home. Subsequent chapters offer lists of books divided up by continent/region.

The Ultimate Travel Coloring Book was a serendipitous find at a local bookstore. Containing line drawings of 100 of the most famous places in the world, this is a great book to draw in your older children, as these illustrations are pretty involved. A neat feature of this book are the short descriptions of each place found in the back. If you’re not familiar with a locale, these provide a great jumping point for further study…

I can’t say enough about Wondermaps from Bright Ideas Press, very likely the capstone of this basket! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize that I mention them time and again here and know that I use their maps extensively. Personally, I own this in their downloadable version, but for the purpose of our gift basket, we’re including the DVD version.

If you’re considering planning an International Day program for your local co-op, or even just putting one together with a bunch of your homeschooling friends, these mini-passports would be super-cute to include in your “traveler’s packet”! I found the one in the gift basket at Michael’s.

OK, ok, now how do I enter already?!

Just follow the easy-peasy directions below to get up to 5 entries…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So that’s our gift basket…but I told you there’s MORE!

And here it is: “a few of us” at the iHomeschoolNetwork got together and decided to come up with a BUNCH of baskets – all with different themes to meet different needs and interests – and offer you opportunities to win each of them! There is a total of 52 baskets, with themes that vary from art to family game nights, to nature studies, to writing/journaling, to organization, to “mom time”, to…. Well, you get my drift, right?

To find descriptions and get access to them ALL, check out the post at iHomeschoolNetwork today, and start entering!! Please Note: you choose which ones you want to enter, and entering one giveaway does not enter you in any other drawing – it’s all up to you!

We’re committed to helping you get your homeschool year started off on the right track, and help you keep things going smoothly throughout the year. So before you head off to another drawing, and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to our site for more helps throughout the year – we look forward to “meeting” you!

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