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Don’t Throw Your Coffee Grounds Away!

Fellow “Barista” Trista Porter is no stranger to these pages, but you may have noticed she hasn’t “been around” lately! She’s in the throes of school, her own business and co-owning another, and marriage preparations (yup, Candy is gonna be a mother-of-the-groom this fall, too!). So, while you will see her around again…it may not […]

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Make Your Own Toilet Cleaner

It’s been a few months, and I’m still on my venture to find new earth-friendly, DIY cleaning  products.  Between saving a pretty penny and saving my conscience, I am feeling pretty nice right now. Last month I tried out my first shower cleaner DIY that worked out splendidly to say the least. After experimenting a […]

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Make Your Own Shower Cleaner

I’ve been cutting back my use of cleaners that are made with harmful chemicals and I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself. Homemade toilet, floor, glass, and now shower cleaners! Plus, they’re all made in an inexpensive and eco-friendly way! Showers/tubs can be pretty difficult to clean. Built up residue and even […]

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Make Your Own Scalp Detox

Shampoos and conditioners can cause some major damage to your scalp if you aren’t careful. Even organic products can leave a layer of residue that stays on your head after multiple shampoos. This can hinder toxins from being released from the body (a large amount of toxins are released from the scalp) and it is […]

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