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Raising Children In A Culture of Freedom

Tomorrow is Independence Day…July 4th…and a good time to continue thinking about the concept of freedom. As our children grow, teaching our children to live with freedom – and exercise the accompanying responsibility it brings – is constantly on our minds. I love this post by our friend Jen Talley, and it seemed appropriate to […]

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Embracing Your Strong-Willed Child

Most families will have at least one kid they consider strong willed. They are the ones who love to have their own opinions. When given two choices they may come up with a third…happens often in the Talley house. I offer A or B and they will pick C….every. single. time. They don’t like to […]

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Jennifer Talley – Our Story

Today we’re so happy to introduce Jennifer Talley as a new “Barista!”  Jennifer is joining us as a regular contributor on Marriage (or other things as they come to mind 🙂 Read more about her bio below, and here.  And please feel free to welcome her in the comments below! As I sit and ponder […]

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“Just wait…”

We just love the readers of Mom’s Morning Coffee!  And we love our FB fans and friends, too!  A short while ago, one of our friends posted something wise and wonderful as a status update.  It resonated with us, and we believe it will resonate with you, too.  Today, we’re sharing a post written by […]

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