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Pull the Plug on Plug-ins

Scented plug-ins, candles, and sprays can provide a lovely ambiance, especially during the cold winter months. But the images they bring to mind – of pine trees or spring flowers – are a long way from what is actually permeating your home. And the promise that they will make the air “fresher” couldn’t be more […]

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Soup’s On – But is it good for you?

Cooler temperatures bring nostalgic thoughts of hot, steaming bowls of soup. Broth – made from bones, meat or fish scraps, and vegetables – has historically been an important part of the diets of many cultures. Valuable nutrients were coaxed out of the ingredients with long, slow cooking, and broth formed the basis for soups and sauces.

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What’s Wrong With Apple Juice?

…or apples, or oranges, or tangerines, or grapes, or raisins, or tomatoes, or peaches, or nectarines, or cucumbers, or almonds, or peppers? Actually, nothing is wrong with these foods; they’re wholesome and nourishing. But for someone who is “salicylate sensitive,” certain foods can be terrific troublemakers.

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What To Do When Timeout Isn’t Working

“Living with a hyperactive, over-reactive, defiant, aggressive, anxious daughter had become too chaotic to manage.” “My 6 year-old son had been in therapy for several years….his behavior was getting worse and I didn’t know what to do.” “At 18 months, about the time Nathan stopped breastfeeding, we began to see changes for the worse. He […]

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Why Do I Have Allergies?

While there is so much we do not know about this disabling condition, there is a lot we do know. For example, the number of asthmatics and allergy sufferers has increased, particularly among children, with black children being the most affected. (Between 1980 and 2000 the number of people in the U.S. with asthma is estimated […]

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