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Honoring husbands

It’s been both an honor and a blast to be a part of WFXL’s Mother Knows Best crew over the past few months.  I’ve come to know an amazing group of women with whom I’ve shared lots of laughs and  who have taught me so much. In this episode,  local blogger and up-and-coming motivational speaker […]

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From Fear to Flight

How many times in your life have you had a wild thought about a project or activity or career or invention or…but never moved ahead on it?  Now think about what might have been going on in your head at that time.  What thoughts were swirling around as you daydreamed? For a few years after […]

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Pray for Hannah Cate

This post is kinda personal. Many years ago I met a really neat woman.  She was a fellow homeschooler with a large, fun family.  We weren’t particularly close, but I always enjoyed spending time with her.  She was and is one of those people that you always walk away from with a smile on your […]

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My fav shower cleaner

Friday is cleaning day at my house (at least in theory!)…and every day is saving day!  So I was thrilled a few years ago to come across a DIY cleaning solution that was guar-an-teed to work great.  Now, you have to understand that in my experience ~ even though I’m a real DIY nut ~ […]

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Oh…my…goodness…  How that common teenage response these days used to irk me!!  Usually delivered with a “yeah-I don’t-really-care-what-you-think-or-have-to-say” attitude, it is the modern-day equivalent of delivering the same message.  In God’s mercy, however, I recently had a personal revelation that has actually got ME started on using the word.  But let me explain…

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Egg Pie – or Quiche (?)

I may be dating myself, but some years ago there was this saying “Real men don’t eat quiche”.  Well, my hubby and I used to laugh at that, because I had this go-to recipe for leftovers that I would frequently prepare for supper…which (of course) was pretty-much quiche-based. As our first-born son got older, however, […]

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Shower paper

Ah, Mondays!  Dontcha just love’em?  Ok, ok, I can hear the resounding “NO!” from y’all, but please hear me out. Monday.  The beginning…  A whole brand new week before you…  A fresh, clean slate…  5 days of possibility stretching out, just waiting…  Now, doesn’t that make it sound (at least a little) better?! And there is […]

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When do you get to say “I did already”?

As a young girl many years ago, I often dreamed of my wedding day.  The whole shindig: white dress, lots of flowers and music, big ol’ cake and reception, and on and on… The high-point, of course, was standing at the altar with my gorgeous husband, looking into his eyes as I said “I do!” […]

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