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Winter Workout Motivation!

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard enough for me to keep in shape when the weather is great… So…when the cold, dreary, wet winter weather sets in (and especially after the holidays and those few extra pounds that somehow landed on my hips settle in…) it’s even harder to stay focused and motivated to […]

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A Life Verse to Lead You…

In a post I wrote about a Word of the Year, you read about how I started trying to re-focus and move forward in the new year. (And if you didn’t read it, you can go ahead and read it now…I’ll wait for ya’!). As promised, today I’m going to share how coming up with that one word […]

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Teenagers say that word alot: “Word!” The concept is akin to “That’s right!”, signifying that they agree with something, or that someone who’s speaking is speaking the truth. But this past month I came across a concept called “Word of the Year” in a blog I follow**.  I loved the idea!  It seemed (at first […]

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Merry Christmas!

Candy and Pat and all the Baristas at Mom’s Morning Coffee wish “you and yours” a joy-filled Christmas! Praying you all take a moment to remember that the “Holiday Matters” to those around you, and hoping that the day brings “A Surprise for Mom” at every turn! May you linger over a cup of coffee – […]

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Book Review – “Lean Forward”

God has a way of using the mundane to accomplish mighty things.  Yet I’m always amazed when I stumble upon something and He catches my attention in exactly the way I needed, especially when I least expect it.  This was my experience with “Lean Forward” by Laurel Griffith.

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15 Creative Date-Night Ideas…

Here at Mom’s Morning Coffee, we’re all about healthy marriages. Not saying that any of us are perfect, mind you, but we are committed to doing our best. And, just keepin’ it real, it takes work to keep a marriage strong! But we’re also all about keeping those hard-earned $$s workin’ for you! So today […]

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Yumm-mee! Applesauce Cake

Ah, Christmas!  Dontcha just love it?!  The colors, the textures, the smells, the tastes…  It’s just a feast for the senses! Recently my 2 youngest children were in a production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.  It was wonderful, and we so enjoyed watching our youngest daughter just bloom on-stage as the colorful and wise-crackey […]

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We wish you a Crafty Christmas!

Today we both joined Sasha on Good Day and shared some of our crafty Christmas ideas we’ve had on Mom’s Morning Coffee…  But, of course, never wanting to just rehash the same-ol-same-ol, we’ve added a few new ones, too! So here, for your Christmas season pleasure, are our Top 6 Christmas crafts from Candy and […]

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Christmas Shopping at Your Fingertips

We use Affiliate Links in many posts. It allows us to keep our site up and running smoothly. You can find more info on our Affiliate/Disclosure Page. Thank you so much for your support! When it comes to gifts, we’re all about homemade and heartfelt, but life’s demands can often make “homemade” impossible. Unfortunately, both of us […]

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Saving Money on Holiday Decorations

It’s hard not to notice all of the holiday decorations in the stores, isn’t it?  You can see Santa, jack o’lanterns and a turkey all on the same aisle.   You can find everything you need for the months ahead.  The temptation is great to purchase new decorations, but before you do, ask yourself,

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