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Christmas fun!

Ready or not… I know, it’s hard for me to believe, too, but the holiday season is fast approaching!  And, as they say, ready or not… So what are you going to do this Christmas season?  Does your family have events, parties or activities that are traditional and help define the season, or do you […]

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Spilt Milk

When our kids were young, my husband always took it upon himself to pour the drinks at suppertime.  I was glad to get the help – with 5 children who range 17 years between youngest to oldest, mealtimes often got a little crazy.  Over the years we moved from the (occasional) bottle, to a sippy […]

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Simple sauces

One of the easiest ways to cook quickly and frugally is to have a bunch of sauces under your belt…or apron, as the case may be! Feel free to experiment with these…add some of those leftover veggies and/or cubed or shredded meats and/or a pasta or rice and you have a quick and money-saving meal. […]

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Essential Oils at Home

Many people automatically assume that “natural” equals “expensive”.  Today’s Frugal Friday post, a contribution from Mom’s Morning Coffee friend Wendy Craft, features several recipes for household cleaning solutions made with essential oils and other simple products.  While these may be an add-on to other items already on your shopping list, you’ll find that you can […]

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We’ve all had those times…sometimes you see ’em coming, sometimes you don’t. You’re in line at the grocery store and you’re tired and stressed and have a ton of stuff still left to do and the line is long and… You get to the cashier and she’s as smart alecky and un-helpful as they come. […]

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Cool-weather chicken soup

Nothing says sweater weather better than good ol’ fashioned homemade chicken soup.  You don’t even have to be sick to enjoy it…although it was almost always my momma’s remedy for “whatever-ails-you” while I was growing up. And it doesn’t have to take all day, either – but I like to drag it out just to […]

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The Impossibility of “Me” Time

“Me” time.  Quiet time.  R&R.  My happy place. Whatever you call it…I ain’t gettin’ it these days. But rather than try to force it to happen, I uncharacteristically tried to start analyzing just why it’s so hard for me to get the rest and time-away-from that I know I need.  And, not in any order […]

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