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Celebrate Presidents’ Day with a President!

Every year, the third Monday in February is set aside to celebrate Presidents’ Day. Originally celebrated as Washington’s Birthday (and it still is by the Federal Government!), since the Uniform Monday Holidays Act of 1971 it has been broadened to include a recognition and celebration of all US Presidents. Moms, that gives you a week to […]

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Be Encouraged with This Playlist!

One thing you may not know about me is that in college I studied Music Therapy. I’ve loved music since as long as I can remember… As a matter of fact, if I ever wrote an autobiography it would have to be an audio-book, because so many of my memories are connected to songs and […]

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Reviving The Lost Art of Mentoring

The concept of mentoring is often focused on mentoring youth,  And while it is admittedly an important and somewhat neglected activity in our society, a terrific sermon I heard awhile back on the concept of discipleship got me to thinking about “us women.” Many years ago, as a young wife and mother, I sought out some older Christian […]

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Rest and Refreshment for Homeschool moms

There’s nothing like a good book, especially to a homeschooler, to get lost in whenever you can. But there’s something that’s extra-sweet when you find a devotional that can offer a much-needed dose of encouragement from time to time. Homeschooling can sometimes be a lonely road, and often a tiring one. Finding a little rest […]

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