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Need Custom Images and Graphics?

Need a custom blog button? Facebook cover? Banner for an ad or post??

We are pleased to announce a new service and offer it at a reasonable price!

Custom Images 1

Having someone create custom images and graphics for your site can often cost an arm and a leg, and while we admit that a good graphic artist is worth his or her weight in gold…sometimes you just can’t swing it, right?

This may be ‘just the ticket’ if you’re getting started on a new blog, unable to find a satisfactory provider online or can’t afford a full-time VA…

Check out some of our samples below and if you like our style, contact us and let’s get started on YOUR next job!

Graphic Samples, Pricing and Details:

  • We work with high resolution photos (jpg or png), using a combination of our own photos, those sourced from our site photographer-friends and on-line free images.
  • We create all our own designs.
  • If you provide your own images, please provide photos that you have rights to use freely; we can provide our own at $1 per photo.
  • Please contact us if you would like to talk about something you don’t see here!

728 X 90 Banners

Ad - Albany Podiatry


FG ad 1 728






$20 – perfect for ads in your header

300 X 200 Banners

10 Tough Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

30 Days of Praying for Your Husband - Day 1 Getting Started

$25 – perfect for sidebar ads


125 X 125 or 150 X 150 Square

TEO Spring thumbnail ad

Kelly Blog


$20 – just the right size for link parties; ask us about furnishing a button code


Facebook covers – 851 X 315

Proverbs 3 facebook cover




Happy Mothers Day fb cover with border







$20 – ask us about our “set of 4 seasons” package  (Please Note: not shown actual size)


Coffee and Conversation 21 feature collage












$30 – perfect Pinterest-size for uploading directly or using within a post (up to 5 images)

 Post graphics

Parent networking tools for exceptional children

Avoid gadgets and gizmos when organizing















$20 – Pinterest-perfect sizes and designs!


Choose size here
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