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About Our Vision

We’re Pat and Candy. Two friends who come from vastly different backgrounds and have very different approaches to life, but who find much in common when it comes to serving our Lord and caring for our families. With a combined total of over a half a century of striving to be Proverbs 31 women, our vision is to share a thing or two we’ve learned over the years  with others.

Our purpose

Although our blog is quite eclectic, you’ll find that our main focus is on homeschooling and parenting – It’s what we do! But, because no parent is “just a parent,” you’ll find that our conversation shifts to other relevant topics as well – ideas for your next meal, spiritual encouragement, money saving ideas, and link parties to connect you with other great bloggers are a few of the resources you’ll find here.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be an online source of information about relationships, health and wellness, home-related issues, personal finance, local travel and technology for women in our region.   We have viewers from all over the Southeast: South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee…and lots of visitors from near and far, too!


Our Purpose

Our Purpose is 2-fold:

1) To build a community of women who encourage and help each other by sharing information and expertise, and

2) To provide an online forum where women can connect and engage with each other,


 Our Baristas

Our “Baristas” are the terrific ladies who help deliver “hot, fresh coffee” (in the form of interesting and engaging content) each workday!  Interested in reading about them?   Head on over to The Baristas page and meet them…

And if you’re interested in getting involved, read about how to become one :-)!

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We'd love to come beside you as a parent and homeschooler!  Let our years of experience help you be the best parent and home educator you can be - there IS joy in the journey, and we're here to help you find it 🙂

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