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7 Essentials for Saving Money at The Grocery Store

If you Google “saving money at the grocery store” you’ll find about a gazillion great ideas. Unfortunately for me, when I see a gazillion ideas about anything my brain tends to short-circuit and I process none of them. Assuming I’m not the only one whose brain works this way, I’ve compiled a short, uncomplicated list to help us get started on saving at Piggly Wiggly (it’s a southern chain) without feeling overwhelmed.

If you google “saving money at the grocery store” you’ll find about a gazillion great ideas. Here are a few to get your started - without the overwhelm! Enjoy these simple ways to get started...

Here’s the plan: implement these strategies one at a time. Once you’ve got one down pat, add another and then another. And before ya’ know it the grocery stores will be paying us to go shopping!

Well…even so, at least we’ll be saving money in a gazillion ways!

  1. Make a menu. Making a menu will help you decide what you’ll need at the grocery store before you leave the house, eliminating unnecessary purchases. Utilize the weekly ads for stores in your area and plan your menu around what’s on sale.
  2. Shop at home first. Always check your pantry, frig, and freezer while making your shopping list. Don’t use money from your grocery budget to buy items you already have at home.
  3. Shop around. I’m all for loyalty when it comes to family and friends, but that loyalty doesn’t extend to a particular grocery store. If you find that several stores have the brands you need on sale, making more than one stop can definitely pay off. Put a cooler in the back of the van to keep cold stuff cold and plan your route to save gas.
  4. Re-think breakfast. Skip the toaster pastries and cold cereal. Convenience breakfast foods are real money suckers. Opt for more traditional breakfast choices instead, e.g., eggs/toast, oatmeal, homemade granola, grits, etc. If you need on-the-go options you can make different varieties of muffins to keep in the freezer until you need them.
  5. Buy in bulk…sometimes. Buying in bulk is usually a good idea and can often save you a nice chunk o’ change, but always check the price per ounce. Sometimes you won’t be saving much, if anything. And it’s never a bargain if the food goes bad before you can use it all.
  6. Stock up on staples. I know this seems to be anti-“shop at home first”, but if you find items that you always need, e.g., flour, olive oil, spices, etc.,  it just makes sense (or cents, haha…get it?) to go ahead and stock up even if you have some at home.
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How do you save money at the grocery store? A few more ideas can’t hurt…share ‘em in the comments. You never know who could benefit from your wisdom!

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