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4 Steps to Take the “Frazzle” Out of Last Minute Meal Prep

When we hear someone talk about being organized I wonder if we are naturally wired to think about areas in our home that are disorganized.


We think about the linen closet that looks like a hurricane hit it, or our garage that looks like a perpetual yard sale.  It’s those thoughts that cause us to freeze, paralyze us and almost want to avoid people who bring up the “O” word.


Maybe you’re there…


Organizing Meal Prep

I have found that getting organized and living a productive life filters over to every area of my life.

The one area that trips me up often is not being organized with meal prep!

Let’s face it we all get so busy with life that we wait until the very last minute to think about what we will eat for lunch or supper.  I am guilty of that, too.  The easiest thing is to just run through a drive-thru and pick up a meal, but is that actually the best thing for us?  Doesn’t it cost more money than a meal at home?

A true scenario for me is coming home from a busy day, not having given any thoughts to supper, in a hurry, hungry and planning to prepare a meal only to find that I don’t have all the ingredients.  Can any of you relate to this or is it just me?  It’s inevitable, I seem to have plenty of cream of mushroom soup, but it was cream of chicken that I needed on my last trip to the grocery store.  UGH!


I feel like when my boys were home I did a much better job than I do now.  Isn’t that crazy?  What was the secret to my success when they were young and living at home?  I planned better.  I was very much aware of everyone’s schedule and what my pantry contained and things flowed so much better.


The real truth is, I just don’t plan and organize myself as well in this particular area.  I need to retrace my steps.


So what can we do to make meal prep easier?

1.  Check the schedules of everyone living in the house.  Ask what time and when they will be home each day.
2.  Ask what everyone would like to have as a meal for that week.  There is nothing more frustrating than preparing a meal that no one is interested in eating.
3.  Make a meal plan.  Write it down.
4.  Make grocery list.
And one more thing that may just set the tone for a great evening with the family: having help in the kitchen during prep and clean-up! Kids are never too young to teach how to set the table and older kids can help with clean up afterwards.


As a family, we have always valued meal together.  It has been the one time of the day when we regroup as a family and have enjoyed one another’s company.


Getting myself organized for mealtime has to be a priority.


What about you? Is this something you struggle with?  Or do you have some helpful tips you could share? Please use that comment section! 🙂

Organizing Meal Prep

Kim Pittman

Kim Pittman

Kim has successfully helped create time and space for hundreds of people in Southwest Georgia. In 2005 she started Organize 4U with a vision to help individuals live clutter-free and productive lives. She organizes areas in the home, including pantries, attics, storage buildings and garages. Kim also custom designs and installs closet systems that enhance storage capacity. Her expertise also includes office space and systems. For organizational tips, find her on Facebook at Organize 4U. And you’ll find lots of great organizational info, including before and after shots, on her website Organize4U.org.
Kim Pittman


One Response to 4 Steps to Take the “Frazzle” Out of Last Minute Meal Prep

  1. Kristen Borgnini August 24, 2015 at 7:28 am #

    These are all really great tips. One other tip that I have found helpful, is I assign each day to a category. Ex: Mondays are “Meatless Monday,” Tuesday is “Taco Tuesday” (or some type of Mexican food) etc. So, this way, when my mind goes blank I just try to come up with something that fits the category and it makes meal planning go a little faster for me.

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