If you’re here expecting to see Mom’s Morning Coffee or Help 4 Your Homeschool, there’s no need to adjust your screen…

…you’re in the right place :-)

We’ve incorporated both sites into Pat and Candy.com, where we will be continuing to deliver our best to you. Only difference is…we’re focusing on what we know best: home-and-hearth related issues such as parenting, marriage, home educating and the like!  So pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and take a look around. We hope you benefit from our experience-inspired wisdom!


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Book Review – How to Become Financially Free

      It’s not easy to look in the mirror and realize that you’re the problem – especially when you’re experiencing financial stress.  Many stay-at-home moms feel like there would be less money “issues” at home if they got a job.  Once and for all, Sarah’s book, “How to Become Financially Free: From Homeless to […]

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Abortion – One Woman’s Story

Editor’s note: Given all the recent developments with Planned Parenthood, we felt that now was a good time to share a reader submitted story.  We are grateful to Bonnie Lamb for her willingness to share her story with us. We trust that her honesty will truly bless and offer hope… I was a young married […]

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